Exploring Intuition as self care with Whitney McNeill from Messenger of Spirit


Best Life Hustle Podcast with Whitney McNeill from Messenger of Spirit. Episode 4 season 3.

Bob Bens said, “Expect the unexpected.”

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, and Intuition / Mediumship coach, connecting her clients to their Loved Ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides and Intuition.

She Owner / founder of MessengerofSpirit.com and the 4 Intuitive Languages course.

Today we’re talking about:

  • Why we need Intuition and how that is a form of self care
  • A couple key steps they need to know for their Intuition.
  • The 4 Intuitive Languages – and how they help us with self care and intuition.


You can find Whitney online at:





And to take her quiz to find your intuitive language, visit: www.jessicafwalker.com/messengerofspirit


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Free Audio Download:

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