Beyonce said, “Don’t try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.”

Three things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Kajabi for making such a great platform to use. If you’re getting ready to build a course and you want the most inclusive platform to build it on, the absolute best introduction to it is Brendon Burchard’s trainings to use it. One of the bonuses Brendon Burchard offers in this training is FREE access to his very own templates when you sign up for Kajabi. Can you believe that?? We get access to templates that are not available anywhere else. Watch the training and learn more about it from Brendon himself! Just visit – link in the show notes when you’re ready
  2. I bring this up because Today I’m so grateful to share that i’m launching my new course, Best Life Breakthrough. In a word, this course is uniquely designed to provide you with a blueprint to move past your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts that are holding you back in your business and life and show you how to break them down and then rebuild into your best life. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit to see what’s inside. The cart closes on April 30, so don’t wait too long. I hope you’ll join me.
  3. Beyonce’s Homecoming on Netflix. I will be the first to tell you I never really got the hype about her. But I do know. What a magical experience and show. Talk about a woman who knows about that hustle. She trained for 8 months for two 2 hours appearances, and I think we can all agree it was the best use of everyone’s time. When I watched it last night, I sat still for the whole show, soaking it in. It was like rediscovering myself in the best way.

If you also know about that hustle, but your results don’t look like Beyonce’s, let’s talk about that today.

This episode is definitely for you if you’re done with courses telling you how to make your products. Because they are made. You’re good. This episode is for you if you also know that the reason your products aren’t selling is because you’re not putting them out there – specifically because you’re afraid of rejection. And you know that whatever it is that’s holding you back has got to change if you’re truly going to be successful at this entrepreneur thing.

The truth is not everyone is equipped to be an entrepreneur. But it’s not an innate talent, it’s a skill. And part of that skill is what I’m going to teach you today.

My hustle story is long and I’ll give you the cliff notes version of it. I was homeless at age 20. Saying that out loud still kind of scares me. It is in fact, my biggest fear, experiencing that again. But when I was 20, I had this goal this vision for myself that was bigger than myself. So I figured it out. I got a job, and a place to live. I used that experience to build up my expertise. I took classes to fill the void. I volunteered to build my network.

And in 2012, just two days before my very first marathon, I was nominated for the Peace Corps.

This timing meant something big to me. That whole marathon, which took me over 8 hours to complete… in a city I’d never been to before… my mantra was this: if I can’t complete this marathon I have no business joining the Peace Corps and I did not come this far to only go this far. My birthday was 3 days later.

In 2013 I packed my bags and my life’s ambition came true.

And I didn’t die.

So I was like, well, now what?

And ultimately, the now what was this: the basic fundamental things that had fueled me this far had not changed. I knew I was put on this planet to help others live their best lives. I knew I would not be happy unless my life’s work was in service of that one goal.

I also crave balance, and freedom.  Growing up poor, we were always in a midst of a financial crisis. So it was never my goal to be overwhelming wealthy – I mean, yeah sure I’ll take it – but to be able to adequately afford my life. My best life.

Which circles us back around to what happened when I was in the Peace Corps, sworn in for about 30 minutes and realized I didn’t know what I was going to do next with my life. I mean, the next two years I had figured out… but what about after that?

I came home and I opened up a career services business – making resumes and such for broke millennials because that was my main skillset. And it failed pretty miserably.

I thought my content sucked. I thought I needed more page views, a better product. I purchased my first course and in the middle of making it I realized my problem.

Broke millennials don’t have extra money to spend on resumes and career coaches!

My content was spot on, but my target audience was wrong.

Are you with me? Have you built that business before? Are you working in it right now?

So I want to pause here and ask you this: What would it feel like if you could trust the content you were producing to actually produce the revenue you desire?

It would feel like a goddamn blessing. A relief. A hail mary because you finally caught the break you’ve been looking and working for. Right?

Well here’s what I’m going to tell you right now: your content isn’t the problem. The problem is that you’ve spent too much time trying to connect with the wrong audience instead of cultivating your own.

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And what this has done is brought people to you who aren’t really interested in your message. They’re the window shoppers who want what they already know reiterated for them.

And what do windowshoppers do? Well, what they don’t do, is buy. So when you put your products out there, they can see its a version of what they think they already know. And they pass. And you feel rejected because the people who you think look up to you, aren’t as engaged as you think. That rejection leads to feeling unworthy, and choosing not to show up because you feel unwanted.

So today I’m going to give you four steps to flip this script on it’s ear. These four steps can be implemented today because they are super powerful and easy to do.

And when you’ve done, reach out to me on instagram and tell me which of these steps was the hardest for you. You can find me at jessicafwalker

Step number one is to stop recording everything for instagram.

Oh shit, here she goes about instagram again. Okay look. Instagram is a real hot button topic for me and I’m pretty sure on my last episode I told ya’ll I’m going all in on it and I meant it.

But that doesn’t change what I’m about to say here. If you’re active on instagram, then you know about all the moving parts. You know about the algorithm, the hashtags, geolocation tips. You know that the goal is to keep people on instagram so lots of stories and lives will help you grow.

But I want you to consider how much time you spend curating what you’re going to put on your social media. Cause I’m really not just talking instagram, but all social media. How much time do you spend writing the perfect caption, or taking the perfect picture? How long to schedule? To plan and promote your live videos?

Now I want you to consider how much time do you spend curating special moments of inspiration, joy, or family… for yourself.

The fact is, we spend too much time on social media – not just in the endless scroll, but in the highly specialized curated feed, theme, and idealized story that we want our readers to see.

So all I’m really asking for you here is to flip this script. Make it a point to curate these stories of joy, sadness, inspiration, frustration, and love for yourself first, and then social media second.

Watch instantly how your content and the mood around your feed shifts.

The next step is to identify your Top Fives, and exercise them with prejudice.

What do I mean by your top fives? Well, I’ll give two examples of lists here but you can make as many as you want for as many different situations as you want.

The first top five would be: The five things I will drop everything for, every time

And the other top five would be, the five things to never contact me about during my off hours

So an example would be, children, dog, spouse, Taylor Swift concerts, and VIP clients.

The top five things to never contact me about during my off hours could be refund requests, bad reviews, unpaid subscriptions, and anything that is less than a 7 in an emergency.

It is so important when defining these boundaries that you make sure you never go back on them. Because if you enforce them then the people around you will also enforce them. For you and for themselves.

So make a list right now, what are 5 things you’d drop anything for? What are five things you definitely don’t want to hear about until the morning?

If you’re like, “okay how am I supposed to ignore a refund request?” my answer is simple: Stop checking your email past a certain time. If it’s not something that can’t be handled in 3 minutes or less, then you need to give yourself permission to handle when you’ve scheduled time to do it.

Step Three is Gamifying your weaknesses.

We are definitely our own worst critics and so you know there’s something that you’re doing that you could be doing more of, or be better at. Whatever that thing is for you, it weighs on you. It creates stress and panic in your life. Even worse, it could be cyclical – everytime you launch a new product, the same thing happens. Even if you try to prepare for it.

Well no longer. Whatever that thing is for you, write it down. We’re going to fix it right now.

This is an action plan that you’ll have to implement. So make sure you’re taking notes. Part one is obviously identifying what you feel like you could be doing better. I won’t say you’re doing it wrong. Or even poorly. Chances are you’re already being too hard on yourself.

Now, I want you to ask yourself, in a perfect world what would this look like for me? For instance, maybe during your launch you get a lot of questions in the DMs or emails, and instead of making sure you respond to each one, you only respond to a handful.

But what you really want to do is make an FAQ with the questions.

Well thats easy enough. Now what would it look like if it were even better? What if you could actually respond to each and every question?

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Have that idea in your head? Great. The next step is to bring in support. That means, bringing in another person to help you out. Whether we’re talking about getting in shape, getting on that keto way of eating or answering every single email, you’ve got to bring in the help.

In my specific scenario,obviously you’d hire a VA for a couple of hours a week to answer those questions for you.

But if you’re really resistant to that, then you need another option. And that’s okay. How about getting one of those automated chatbots for your website or sales page?  If your clients knew to contact you there, you could schedule your active time when you could help them, and then also provide that FAQ as back up during your off hours.

And the final step is to give yourself a break. We are in a wild west of an online world right now. The rules are constantly changing. Things are growing and breaking and dying everyday on the internet. Its a truly magical and wild place and whatever you’re currently struggling with is almost definitely not something you should be ashamed of. So remind yourself to be kind. As long as you’re earnest and learning and growing, you’re fine.

And step four is my personal favorite, which is to stop delaying joy.

We constantly are setting bigger and better goals for ourselves because we live in a society that rewards that kind of behavior. Our society rewards high productivity with high output but when you’re producing at that level you rarely get a chance to enjoy it. Because you’re constantly looking for what’s next.

When I swore into the Peace corps, I had 30 minutes of they’re not actually going to let me swear in, followed by 3 years of well now what the fuck am I going to do? I regret saying this, but I definitely spent more time thinking about what was coming next, than I did truly appreciating the 10 year journey it took to get there, or the two and half years I spent actively living my biggest dream I ever had for myself.

And here is what is easy: celebrating the wins of others. When you kid gets an A, or hits the ball, or you’re celebrating a birthday or wedding, or graduation. Those are easy. They’re prescribed celebrations. But finding those moments in your own path can be surprisingly hard. Because what we might celebrate in others, we’re actively taught to avoid for ourselves.

This goes for women especially. Women are taught not to accept compliments. I say, you look pretty today I really like your dress, and you says, Oh, thanks, yeah no, I got it on sale.

So when you make that first sale of your self published book, you don’t tell anyone. You think it’s a fluke.

Even if it happens again. And again. And maybe by the 4th or 5th copy you’ll say, so I launched my book today and some people bought it. But when your person gets really excited for you, you find yourself internally pulling away because – it was a fluke!

But selling one book, let alone 5, let alone 1000 is a huge accomplishment. Creating the book, is something worth celebrating. Publishing it is worth celebrating. There are so many moments to be shared there. And it your responsibility to acknowledge them. To cultivate them. To own your power in them. Because all of this work that we do in supporting others path to success – whatever path they’re on – I mean, if you’re not sharing your success it means your not sharing their success too.

So I gotta ask you, are you going to implement these four steps in your life and stop playing it safe once and for all?

I want you to take this information and apply it to your life right now, and I really hope that you do. Share with me on Instagram your thoughts at jessicafwalker

But I also want you to consider if you’re truly committed to fixing that part of your business that’s centered around whether or not YOU truly believe you’re capable of running a successful online business, because right now you have two options:

One, you can continue on your way and hope that you figure it out on your own without the burnout and stress that is inevitable – sorry not sorry.

Or two, you take a proactive and prioritized approach to a breakthrough in your limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from success.

Yes, I’m talking about my new course and I’m not going to get into all the details here but I want to tell you a little bit about if you’re interested because Best Life Breakthough is a uniquely designed and tested blueprint to train you to become the leader you are meant to be by breaking through your limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from success.

It’s six week long and it gets started on May 6th. But the cart closes on April 30th so if you want to learn more just visit for more information.

I want to thank you so much for being here with me today. This is the last episode of season three, but I’ll be back in June with season four so make sure you’ve subscribed so you don’t miss the new episodes!

I’m going to leave it here…

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