Welcome back to the Best Life Hustle Podcast!


Helen Keller said, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” 


In this episode I’m sharing with you what I think my greatest success of 2019 is, and why it is so important to me. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired to take a brave action in your life. If you do, leave me a DM, or drop a review wherever you listen and let me know!


In this episode I talk about:

  • Why I left a toxic work environment
  • Manifesting a disaster that I was desperate for
  • Why shame kept me from changing my life sooner
  • Why treating a company like a person is a mistake, and how I learned from it
  • My dreams and goals that felt a lot less attainable before


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Welcome back to the fourth season of Best Life Hustle Podcast! As per usual, I’m going to kick off with three things that I’m grateful for and then we’ll break into today’s episode.


Number one thing I’m grateful for is:

booking.com because they always get me the best rates at the coolest places. I just got back from my trip to Hawaii and I stayed at this really cool hostel which was just blocks from the beach and it was an amazing trip. It was my eat pray love trip, if you will. Episode about my experience will be up soon.


The second thing I’m grateful for is:

Taylor Swifts new Album. Its not out quite yet as of this release, but I’m super stoked for it. It seems like it’s going to be a pastel fever dream of a romp and I am here for it. 


And the third thing I am grateful for is:

my amazing fabfitfun box which I got a few weeks ago and have been loving the crap out of. I got a ton of face masks which came in handy because I used some in Hawaii, as well as the lotus super absorbent microfiber towel. If you want your own box at $10 off you can get one by visiting jessicafwalker.com/fabfitfunjfw


For the first episode of season four of best life hustle podcast,

I want to share with you my greatest success of 2019. It’s not how much money I made, or trips that I’ve been on – even though as this is airing, I’ve just come back from Hawaii. Aloha!


The greatest success for me has been leaving my day job. I know, I can’t shut up about it. I f you listened to several of the episodes from season three, you have definitely heard me mention that I was laid off, and feeling rather optimistic about it. Well, it’s been about two months and now I can see a bigger picture. 


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I have been caught up in so many limiting beliefs, and behaviors because I was caught in a place where I didn’t feel safe to quit. 


I spent 18 months in a toxic work environment, where I was constantly gaslighted, and made to feel inferior, and worthless. And I know my worth. It’s a lot. An effing lot, if you will. I’ve experienced incredible feats of personal achievement, tenacity, and perseverance. To the point I think I still feel traumatized by it. The peace corps was a trip and I’m going to talk a lot more about it this season.


And finally when I thought I was in a safer place, the rug was pulled out from under me.

I felt dismissed and devalued. It hurt, not because of the hours and the years I had served, but because I often referred to this place as a family. 


Which made me think about how this society has recreated the traditional nuclear family into the people we choose to connect with, instead of the ones we’re born into. 


I’ve struggled with my relationship with my mom for years, and only think we’re now in a relatively decent place. She still does this thing where she thinks my reaction is much worse – or is going to be worse than it actually is. I was pretty awful as a teenager. We all were, right?


One of the sayings I always used to justified my unmitigated anger towards my mom is that she had to love me, no one else had to put up with my BS.


Honestly, the poor lady deserves a medal. 


But somehow I forgot that rule with this particular company. They were on that same level. There are people there who I feel an incredible amount of shame regarding because I feel like my leaving as I did was a disappointment to them. 


Do you have any idea how hard I’ve worked to not care about the opinions of others? But these people, I care what they think of me. I care a lot. They mentored me, and provided me with so many opportunities for growth and creative expression that I have truly treasured. those people who I call family, that I live in fear of having disappointed, I don’t think they could possibly know how hard this has been for me. 


So if I feel all of these negative feelings about this catastrophic event in my life, then how can I call it my greatest success of the year?


I can call it my greatest success, because I finally prioritized myself. I took control of my future and the outcomes that I wanted for my life.  Honestly I had been manifesting it for months. I was determined to not be at my job come the new fiscal year. but when I was not the one who made that decision, it was made for me that’s when all of those feelings of doubt and anger and confusion and scarcity started to Rise Up from that lack of control. 


And I really used these last couple of months to take time to heal from this experience.


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It’s hard, I think to not take it personal when you’ve been laid off from a job. Even if it’s not a job you like, or one that you wanted. Somehow it feels like you failed. these last couple of months I’ve really had to look Within and no that I’m not at fault for this position ending. I mean, other than my manifestation of it.


 And because I truly believe that I manifested this for something better. It is my duty to honor the universe as it has shown up for me and to show up for it.




 As I have healed during these last few months I have discovered the truth about where my passion is. Which is so funny because it’s always been there. It’s like when you’re so focused on making something work that doesn’t serve you, you can’t see the thing that’s there waiting to bring you joy. 


it’s no surprise that travel is definitely one of my joys.

For years I’ve had this goal of traveling once a  quarter for a week. and maybe for some that’s not extravagant. But it was always really important to me to be able to get out of my life and explore. I discovered I didn’t feel safe or normal unless I had a trip to look forward to. and I believe this is the that I’ve actually made that goal a reality I will be traveling once a quarter this year. how could we not call that a success? That would not have happened if my job has still been available to me.


 For the last 2 years or so I’ve been fairly obsessed with the idea of buying my own home.

But I live in a place or home ownership is too expensive on a single income. Now that I’m no longer working at this job, I am location independent. That means I can take this business that I’m building online and do it anywhere. Which means I can move to a place where home ownership on a single income is not an extravagant goal. One more step of my Best Life coming into play. 


But it’s not just home ownership that I’m looking for. I want to renovate. I want to pick all the tiles, and flooring. I want to put in new windows, and hide a steel beam in the ceiling. I want to style my home that reflects my quirky personality. My style is rustic farmhouse meets victorian feverdream. Can you see it? Because I can. And it’s going to be amazing.


When I was in that job, all these dreams seemed so far off.

And now, they’re just right here. They’re not impossible. They’re literally becoming reality. How amazing is that?


Leaving my job has been my greatest success because it was me honoring the universe in my manifestation of the best life that I desire. 


I’m going to leave it here.

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