10 TED Talks to Motivate Millennials


There are three particularly well received TED Talks that you’ve probably already seen: Brene Brown’s talk on Vulnerability, Tim Ferriss’ talk on how to learn anything, and Amanda Palmer’s talk on How to Ask. If you haven’t watched these, do it now and then come back. They are for sure required watching.


Do you remember your first TED Talk?

I do. I had a bunch of downloads while I was serving in Botswana, and needed something new to watch. Suddenly sitcoms, romantic comedies, and action films weren’t enough. My brain needed to absorb something new.


I just picked one at random. Many of the titles didn’t have full names so I didn’t know what I was settling in for. Honestly, my only major requirement was that it be longer than 15 minutes.


And what I saw blew my damn mind. Dave Egger’s talk regarding his wish – once upon a school completely upended my entire career path. Literacy, while important but not the focus of my time in Botswana, suddenly became championed for the rest of my Peace Corps service. After watching this video, I collaborated with my local primary school to start an english club and build a library. Those were by far my biggest accomplishments during my service, and they are directly related to my viewing of this video.

Dave Egger’s is just one of 10 videos included in this list. The following TED Talks are ones I’ve found to be particularly motivating during my Peace Corps service, and after. Upon watching them, I wanted to create change in the world. I wanted to be a better person. These TED Talks made me want to connect with my peers on a deeper level and start kicking ass and taking names.


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I hope these TED Talks motivate you to change your life like they motivated me.

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Ten TED Talks to Motivate Millennials

Maya Penn – Entrepreneur, Cartoonist, Designer, Activist


Tim Ferriss, Why you should define your fears instead of your goals

Dave Eggers: My Wish: Once Upon a School



How to Design a Library that makes kids want to read


Am I not Human? A Call For Criminal Justice Reform


How Students of Color can Confront Impostor Syndrome



The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure


It’s Time for Women to Run for Office



The Danger of a Single Story

If a Story Moves You, Act on it


What motivates you as a millennial to be your best self?


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