Book Review: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick is a conundrum. She is an awkward, self assured, man child, feminist. And she revels in it.


Scrappy Little Nobody is a story about a girl just trying to make it in the world. Anna Kendrick weaves a tale that is equal parts extraordinary and mundane, enchanting and relatable. Have I ever been seasick on a yacht during a pirate festival? Well, I have now!


The story starts with her childhood, how she got started into acting and trying to identify just where her sassy pants came from. It was easy to picture little Anna with her defiant stance, and grandiose ways. She talks about how her first years in Hollywood were much less romantic than the writers of Hollywood would have us believe. And yet, not really.


Anna talks about her jump from Broadway to LA, living in LA without a car (insane), and making some potentially life threatening decisions on a whim (most of which turned out just fine).


The story Anna Kendrick weaves is less rollercoaster, and more childhood diary that’s been cleaned up for your mom.


Things I liked about Scrappy Little Nobody


There is a harrowing tale of her and her brother alone on the train from Maine to New York where even further shenanigans ensue. They were basically babies. This story rings true for me because I used to ride the bus with my cousin all over town when we were just 12-14. And our parents never blinked an eye and hers didn’t either. It was just a different time.


I listened to the audiobook version of this book and I must say it was exactly like having a conversation with your new best friend on the plane.


The bonus reading group questions are particularly hilarious.



Things I didn’t like about Scrappy Little Nobody

I won’t call the book a masterpiece or completely without flaws. I’m sure there were some. But I loved it. It was engaging, interesting, and very cognizant of its place in general scope of life.  Scrappy Little Nobody is an self-effacing reflection of a woman who kind of makes it a point to not take herself too seriously. If you’re looking to find the deep dark emotional baggage that comes with being constantly displayed in Hollywood, this book only glances at it.

Why I’m recommending Scrappy Little Nobody


My favorite books are the ones that I can’t put down or that I’m rushing to get back to. And this one of them. Hearing Anna tell her own stories, build that sense of connection, and share her real enthusiasm for life, learning, and her job. Plus there’s all sorts of applicable life advice like “don’t have a backup plan,” “It might get you arrested or you might have the time of your life – YOLO,” and, “No means No.”


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Where to buy Scrappy Little Nobody


I haven’t read the hard copy, just the listened to the Audiobook. And I highly recommend it – Anna reads the book so it’s like chatting with an old friend. Seriously awesome.


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