I am very big on gratitude.

Gratitude is a lot like love.

We all need it.

There is never enough.

It makes life worth living.


Are you struggling with constant negative thoughts about how or when you’re going to reach your goals?
Are you so overwhelmed with anxiety that you make choices out of fear instead of growth?
When you log on Instagram and you see people who started their businesses around the same time you did, do you get sick with wonder about why they grew so much faster than you? (I have definitely been there. Oy!)
It feels, awful doesn’t it? And in the mean time, you feel like you don’t have enough, try enough… or even are enough to serve your audience the way you want to.
But here’s the thing: Everything you need to succeed, in business and in life, is already inside you. You have a wonderful characteristic called tenacity.

And I know it, because I have it too, and I see myself in you. That’s why you’re here. Because you know there’s a better way.

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I’ve been on the path of self care and gratitude for years now, trying all the things, leaving behind the ones that didn’t work. And I’m not perfect. I thought I had most of the answers, and then in 2018, I realized how quickly things could go wrong.
I became so overwhelmed and tense and even though I was practicing self care the way all those articles and listicles told me to, things weren’t getting better. in fact, they were getting worse.
You know when you hold on to something so tight, it starts to hurt? I was there.
Then finally, I let go. I started truly appreciating all of the people around me, the ones who were helping and the ones who weren’t, that were trying to change things for me.
When I let go, I knew it was the right decision because things I’d been trying to manifest in my life for over a year, suddenly appeared.
But it was using the process inside this 30 day Journal that truly set me on the right path. It allowed me to explore my past experiences and truly appreciate all that I’ve achieved so far in my personal life and business.
That allowed me to appreciate everyone in the moment who wasn’t acting against me, but for me. It allowed me reframe interactions with people that I perceived to be negative as a blessing in disguise.
And that allowed met to see a new future for myself, and gave me the courage to act on it immediately.

That’s what having a foundation of gratitude creates in your life.

It supports your practice of self care by shifting your mindset. And as your mindset shifts, the energy you put out into the world becomes aligned with the real message that you’re trying to interact and engage with. I wasn’t living my best life, or authentically and it was literally destroying me. But once I started adding gratitude to my practice of self care, things changes so rapidly and so meaningfully, i knew I couldn’t keep this to myself. 
If you’re ready to change the way you feel about yourself, your business, and the way you engage with your tribe, then use this 30 day gratitude journal to build your foundation of gratitude and support your practice of self care.


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Wouldn’t it be great to feel all of your feelings without being completely derailed by them?

This journal isn’t about feeling happy all the time. It’s about creating a new baseline for you to measure the myriad of experiences we go through every single day. Because it is okay to feel your feelings. All of them. Even the scary ones. The goal is to not live inside of them – any of them – and instead acknowledge and appreciate them as they move through your everyday life. And that’s what this 30 day journal helps you create. 

How great would it be to start:

  • Treating yourself like someone you’re impressed by
  • Feeling proud of the business you’ve built
  • Balancing out your emotions and learn to recognize what is a helpful thought pattern and what decidedly is not
  • Engaging with your tribe in an authentic and meaningful way as you process through your past experiences with new clarity
  • Feeling proud to be living your best life, right now
If you’re ready to stop feeling hopeless about creating a successful business, making choices out of fear that don’t support your goals, and feeling like your people aren’t listening or don’t care about your message, I invite you to use this 30 day gratitude journal.
See how your mindset shifts from stressed overwhelmed, and unappreciative to being present, balanced emotions, and hopeful about the future.

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