As millennials get older, we are constantly looking for something new to occupy our time. And I think it’s fair to say we have definitely settled on creating beautiful living spaces. I know for me, as a child, all I wanted was to have a home that I could decorate. I used to watch HGTV religiously, and This Old House was legitimately my favorite show. Which is to say, I still watch HGTV religiously, and Ask This Old House is still my favorite TV show.

Now I’m in adult and I have a home of my own. And like many things as an adult, decorating became less of a priority. You know what I mean? So much of what I have is because of convenience, or utility. It became more important to make sure I could stash the stuff I got, instead of displaying it. That was never what I wanted.

I’ve always wanted a home that felt loved, lived in, and easy to see me. I guess I mean, I’m not always the most demonstrative person, but if you came to my house, everything you never knew about me would suddenly be very clear.

Lone Fox Home has really helped me remember that home decor can be utilitarian and pretty. I am going to showcase five of my favorite videos by lone fox that will help you prepare your own DIY space so that it looks as beautiful as you always dreamed that it would.

Pinterest DIY Tries

This particular video intrigued because I know how much time I spend on Pinterest gather ideas. I love that he just whipped out his glue gun and got to work. The bamboo mirrors are my favorite, I think. Especially the 3rd one. It’s simple but elegant with this earthy feel to it. Definitely my style.

I’m completely obsessed with Pinterest so this video particularly speaks to me. I am so inspired by these mirrors!

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$1 DIY organization hacks

I currently live in a place where we don’t have Dollar Tree the Blessed Unicorn, but the great thing about this video is all the products he uses are still relatively inexpensive. And with just a little spray paint and hot glue, you have a whole new look.

DIY faux marble counter tops

I was so inspired by this Lone Fox Home video, I went and did it myself in my own home. It turned out great, but working with contact paper is no joke. I recommend trying it out a few times before you take on a project that requires so much maneuvering. But it looks great and is perfect for renters.

DIY christmas gifts

This video from Lone Fox Home is great because I’m totally the person who would rather spent 2 hours making a thing for a friend than go shopping. These ideas take the amateur right out of your handmade gift and people love these! Especially the 3rd one.

DIY Concrete home decor

Concrete is one of my favorite mediums for home decor. It has such an industrial feel to it, but because its rock, it also has an earthy sense to it. These ideas are perfect if you like playing in dirt, or aren’t sure if concrete is a style you like.

Something Lone Fox Home doesn’t get into here is how simple it is to decorate concrete. Add your own designs. It’s fun. It’s pretty.

5 home decor DIY videos that are simple and beautiful by lone fox home
the best DIY tutorials by lone fox home
5 home decor DIY videos that are simple and beautiful

If you have a favorite DIY home decor person, tell me about them in the comments!

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