Exploring Etsy for Your Handmade Store

Exploring Etsy for Your Handmade Store

Today we’re joined by Katie from Befitting Beads. I have to tell you, when I saw her store the first time, I was completely smitten. I’m a particular fan of the Harry Potter ties, and the bows and the… all of it.  Katie hosts her shop on Etsy, which...
3 No Cost Ideas for a Self-Care Spa Day

3 No Cost Ideas for a Self-Care Spa Day

Self-care is important, because it helps us take a moment to breathe, and remember to be gentle with ourselves. I know I sometimes get caught in the cycle of doing work plus more work plus more work, and when I forget to take care of myself, my ability to produce good...

Budgeting For the Holidays

Budgeting For the Holidays Thanksgiving is coming this week, and Christmas isn’t too far behind. For most Americans, we do more shopping during the next six weeks than we do all year. We buy presents for our family and friends. We donate money to charity. We eat out...
Free Audio Download:

Free Audio Download:

Recognizing and Healing from Business Burnout

Does this sound like you:

No longer feeling energized by working long hours

Frustration with my inability to accomplish tasks that were once easy

Not wanting to come to work (or sit down at my computer)
Feeling angry with yourself at not accomplishing more

A decline in self-worth and self-esteem


If you said yes, then you might be experiencing Business Burnout. Listen to this free Audio to learn how to practice self care as an entreprenuer.

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