Is using Tailwind for Instagram worth it?


I’ve been using Tailwind for close to two years now and it has literally changed the game for me, Pinterest style. Between the auto-scheduling, analytics, group listing of the boards, and tribes, it’s literally my favorite tool for promoting my business and the first tool you should invest in (after an email service provider.)

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Just as I was signing up with them two years ago, they released a new feature – Tailwind for Instagram. It’s the same basic idea, but with your Instagram photos.

And this was back in the dark ages when Instagram didn’t allow its API to auto-post to Instagram so you had to copy and paste everything over.


I used it for a while, but I just wasn’t that into Instagram at the time and decided to pass on it.

Is Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag finder worth it? Find out what I started using in the beginning and what I'm using now.


Why did I decide to change my mind about Tailwind for Instagram?


As I’ve changed the business model at, it became apparent to me that I needed another way to connect and grow my audience – more synchrony if you will. I didn’t want to be everywhere to everyone but I felt being strategic about my content would help grow my business.


It’s pretty standard, really.


But the problem I had with Instagram is the problem I’ve always had with Instagram. I love using it for personal use, but when I have to use it for business I get overwhelmed and disengage quickly. If it feels like work, I don’t want to do it!


However, I decided to suck it up and really work on my Instagram game these past couple of months. Look how pretty my feed is!


But the real magic is in the hashtags.

For a while I was using Planoly and it’s fine. The free version of it does the trick if you want it. I don’t have any really complaints other than the Hashtag feature is kind of basic. 

Tailwind is ideal for upgrading your Instagram profile reach.

The Secret Sauce of Hashtags

Many sources will tell you to have a mix of hashtags that are very popular, not very popular, and particularly unique. This allows you to give a longer lifespan to your images on Instagram. The really popular hashtags will be washed out in just a couple of minutes – the ones that have over 10 million posts.

Then there are the ones that have 1-3 million posts – you could probably get an hour or two of face time there. But the real magic is the ones between 50 thousand and 500 thousand. The lifespan there is long but they’re still popular and likely to show up on many feeds.


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But after a while, I felt like something was missing so I started doing more research. And that’s when I remembered Tailwind had a special hashtag feature that is particularly unique so I looked into it even more.


Scheduling from Tailwind is easy – just connect you business account on Facebook that links to your Instagram. It works pretty much the same as pinning – except its to your Instagram account and not multiple boards. (But more about that in a minute.)

Look at my example of using Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder. It makes finding the perfect hashtags easier than ever. No more guessing if it's a good tag.

From there, as you write out your description, Tailwind’s hashtag finder will suggest tags for you to include.

This is how to use the best hashtag finder on the internet

They’re color coded too, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not it fits within the guidelines you’re trying to fit.

How to use Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag finder

The reddish orange ones are the ones with 10 million+ images – you’re not likely to stand out in that crowd. As the color turns closer to a dark green, the better opportunity to get your images viewed by those who will engage with them.

My personal favorite way to use find hashtags for instagram using tailwind

And this is why Tailwind’s hashtag finder is awesome 

It’s awesome because it combines keywords from your description to suggest the right tags for your caption. No more guessing if it’s going to reach the people you want it to.

How to use find hashtags for instagram using tailwind

Another cool feature of Tailwind’s Hashtag finder is that it will suggest previously used tags. So if you’re posting consistently under a certain theme, or if you have your own hashtag, you don’t have to look it up – it’ll automatically populate.


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Finally, if you already have Tailwind for Pinterest, you can combine the services so you don’t need a second account. By combine, I guess I mean you can send your instas to your relevant Pinterest boards, where you can then repin and send them to your tribes.


Right now Tailwind if offering a free trial of their Instagram version.


If you haven’t tried it out, I think it is really worth the time to see if it’s the right fit for your Instagram business model. I could see this working really well if you’re trying to expand your reach, increase views for sponsored content, or to promote new content like podcast episodes or youtube videos.


Pinterest is also favoring square videos in their feed right now – so if you’re pinning videos from your Instagram, you’re more likely to see even more relevant views.



Tell me: how do you instagram? How do you do your hashtag research?


Why you should use Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder - the results will blow you away. Click here to read more tailwind hashtag finder for instagram - how to use it and how to get started for free.
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