I don’t know about you, but sometimes I take my mom for granted. When I think of all the crap I put her through as a child, I get embarrassed. And along the way she has done nothing but support me, love me, and cheerlead for me – even if she didn’t fully understand what she was showing up for.

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And, I don’t know about you – maybe this is just me being a selfish only child – but I sometimes miss the ball on Mother’s Day. I mean, we all have, as children growing up, right? Because we know deep down that Mother’s Day is more than just a Sunday to send flowers to Mom. Mother’s Day is a memorial that serves as just a fleeting moment of the year to show honor and due reverence the woman who helped us become the functioning (or mostly functioning) adults we are now.  It’s only one day, and not nearly enough.

( I would also like to take the time to acknowledge not everyone has a nice or familiar relationship with their mother. Perhaps your mother is no longer with us. You have my full and earnest condolences. But I would like to gently remind you there are no shortage of mother figures in any of our lives that deserve a celebration more than the receive. Maybe that woman is you. Maybe it’s your sister. Maybe it’s the neighbor down the street who raised everyone’s kids. You know who you’re thinking of right now. )

A lot of care and attention should go into picking a mother’s day gift. No gift cards, baskets, or flowers here. Instead I’ve curated a special list of gifts that can be delivered in just two days if you have Amazon Prime. So if you’ve waited til the last minute to order that gift you know you meant to get a few weeks ago – no worries, I got you covered.

But honestly, if you’re available to visit your mom in person, you should really that the time to go visit her. Sometimes showing up and giving your time is the best gift a person can receive. Take her hands and look into her eyes and allow yourself to recapture the wonder of childhood. This woman made you. You’re in the midst of greatness.

And if you don’t want to show up empty handed, I got the list for you.

First up: The Kindle For Mother’s Day

I love my kindle and I’ve read more books on it than I would have believed possible. They also double as a tablet so if your mom needs to access the internet but doesn’t want to fuss with a full computer, Kindles are ideal.

Smart Air  Monitor and Purifer

Not all moms are your mom. Sometimes their your sister, or your friend. Or a cousin. They have new babies and this monitor keeps track of so many things you never knew you needed to worry about – but now she doesn’t have to worry at all. If the mom in your life has a family who struggles with airborne allergens, this might be exactly the right gift to alleviate those fears and show that you care.

Indoor/Outdoor Garden for small spaces

Last year my mom and I tried having an indoor garden and it didn’t work for a multitude of reasons but the biggest two were these: 1) we didn’t have enough light for long enough time (easily remedied by getting a grow light), and 2) we used pots that had no drainage so everything got over watered. But with the Altfarm Home Farm, its self watering system is perfect for tight spaces. Just add a small grow light to use it inside or take it outside on the sunny porch. Mom will just love puttering in the garden again.

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Fancy Tea Sampler For Mother’s Day

This fancy tea sampler is a lovely gift that is packaged specifically for Mother’s day. That’s why the box is pink. If it were for Fathers day, it would be blue, or green, or tan, or black, or gold, or gray. (Okay so I have a thing about pink, even though I love it.) But this tea sampler is great for moms who love a little tea break. Pair it with a new mug and have a cuppa together.

Prynt Pocket

Turn your favorite mom’s phone into a instant photo printer with this handy device that requires no additional ink – just the special prynt paper that goes with it. Its like a portable Instagram printer. Now you can take her photo and she can print it right there. How fun is that?

Fitness Tracker Ring

My mom is obsessed with the data her body produces but she hates wearing her wrist band. If your mom is the same, switching her to the Fitness Tracker Ring by  Motiv Ring Fitness might be a better solution. This ring tracks steps, distance, heart rate, calories burned and sleep. It only needs to be charged every three days and connects with Apple Health and Google Fit so it’ll definitely sync to her phone.

Electric Bike For Mother’s Day

Lets be honest – some of us aren’t moving at the speed we once used to. We need a little more help powering up those hills. Enter: the electric bike. This bike is a beautiful little cruiser that also cruises up to 20 miles per hour. Travel up to 45 miles on one charge and watch her have the time of her life, exploring with you and your family.

Now if you’re into design, one of the really cool things about this specific style from Story Bikes is how well hidden the battery pack is. If I didn’t know any better, I never would have guessed there was a battery involved at all. With other electric bikes, its pretty clear, and not nearly as smooth. Just sayin.

Cruiser Bike – Non Electric For Mother’s Day

My deepest regret this year is not getting my mom a bike. She just loves it. So I wanted to include a few more options for bikes in case your mom loves it too.  The Schwinn Perla featured above is a lovely choice because it has such a low frame that makes it easy to step over. Bike riding can be a great source of physical activity for those with knee issues – but not if they can’t get their legs over.

The Schwinn Destiny was chosen because it’s a single speed ride, and it has a basket. Millennial’s aren’t the only ones given to moments of nostalgia. I bet your mom would love to ride around on a bike that reminded her of her care free teen years.

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Collapsible Water Bottle For Mother’s Day

Water bottles are great but they take up so much space! Enter, the collapsible water bottle. BPA free, silcone based and holds 24 ounces. Then just rolls right back up and easy peasy to put away. However, it doesn’t appear to come in pink, so I don’t know if your mom can drink out of it.

Pop Up Cards For Mother’s Day

Can’t make for Mother’s Day but want to make your mom say “awwww!” Then this card is a good idea. Everyone loves a whimsical display of love and affection and this is great example. they come in multiple styles, so get the one that is meaningfulest to you.

A Different Personal Tracker

The bellabeat is a beautiful interpretation of a personal tracker. It accurately collects data on steps, distance, sleep, reproductive health, sleep and more. And it doesn’t need to be charged – it runs on a battery that gets replaced whenever you change the batteries in the smoke detectors. If your mom isn’t into rings, maybe this beautiful necklace is more her style.

Solar Powered Light Cubes

Do me a favor and check out the videos of these, in the water, at night. What a fun party, right??

Cellphone Case Light

For the influencer mom who is always looking for good light, give her this case so she can light up her family right, the right way. This model comes with front and back LEDs, and shock absorption so when she drops it, it’s fine.

This is an iphone X model, but they come in all models – just scroll the list below for your mom’s phone.

Digital Picture Frame

Pictures are great. And this digital frame great. You could load it up with a slideshow of your favorite photos, or use it as a way to surprise the mom you’re giving it to. Got a pregnancy announcement? Use the frame. Going to take her on vacation to Rome? Use the frame. Getting married? Use the frame. Getting divorced? Got a new dog? A new child? Won an award? Want to give her an award? Whatever message you want to share with the mom in your life, a digital picture frame is a lovely way to surprise her with it.

Just make sure you film her reaction, or it doesn’t count.

So, what are you getting last minute for Mother’s Day?

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