The Best Black Friday Deals for Entrepreneurs (and what I wish I knew before!)

Back in my youth I worked at a toy store on Black Friday.

This was before stores would open Thursday Night for Black Friday so at least I was spared that horrendous over-zealousness of capitalism. But Friday was everything it was cracked up to me.

The manager would tell us every hour how close we were to our sales goals – or that we had surpassed them. She of course never mentioned what our actual goals were before or after that.

And at the end of my shift I was very convinced I would never ever ever venture out on a Black Friday again. Nor would I ever actively participate in one. There was no sale good enough to convince me otherwise.

Skip ahead to two years ago. I just moved back to Alaska. I just had enough money in the bank to not feel conspicuously poor. And, I was poor, mind you. But not as poor as before I moved. My business model was about career development, not business development.

I had joined this Facebook group called Girls Love Travel.

It’s massive, and they had a thread of travel deals available. And I’m sure they will this year if you’re interested.

And for the first time in nearly a decade, I broke down and looked. And looked some more. Then finally, I found a deal (a few days before Thanksgiving, actually) for a roundtrip ticket to Spain for less than $400… from my hometown. It’s not cheap to fly out of Alaska. It regularly costs that much just to fly to Seattle. It was meant to be. So I bought it.

Just like that, I became hooked on Black Friday sales once again.

On the day of Black Friday, I decided I needed to make my blog even better. If I was going to take this online business thing seriously, my website needed a much more professional look. Since I knew enough about HTML and CSS that I didn’t need to hire a designer myself, I decided to invest into Elegant Themes.

And a couple of weeks later I signed up for my first course (which I now actually regret. Maybe a story for another day?).

When I think back on the searching and the hemming and hawing I did on Black Friday, my stomach turns. Everything felt like a wrong decision. No one was there to help me understand if the deal was good – beyond the people doing the selling. I wished I found a trusted and reliable source who said, “these are the deals worth looking at – these are the ones you need to live your best life the next year.”

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So this year, I’m compiling a list of all the best Black Friday deals out there. There are sites for travel, business, and even some indulgence. Buy yourself the gift of flight, business, or coffee. The choice is yours. But I’m positive whatever you choose it’ll be the right one. No regrets here.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!

The best black friday deals for entrepreneurs or people looking to start their business. Find travel deals, presents, mattresses and more. The ultimate list. The best black friday deals for entrepreneurs or people looking to start their business. Find travel deals, presents, mattresses and more. The ultimate list. The best black friday deals for entrepreneurs or people looking to start their business. Find travel deals, presents, mattresses and more. The ultimate list.

Travel deals for the entrepreneur who deserves a break:

Trip Advisor 

The first stop for searching and planning your next trip. Get reviews, itineraries and recommendations from real people who have gone before you.


Viator is my favorite place to book tours, tickets, and research travel itineraries. I used Viator to book all my tours in Europe and had a great experience. There was one where my tour didn’t actually show up and Viator contacted the company and refunded my money. I really appreciate great customer service, so I will always recommend them.

One Travel

I’ve used One Travel in the past to get a really good deal on a flight. And Black Friday is going to be full of really cheap plane tickets. Don’t miss yours


Another place to find cheap flights and compare prices.


Offers tours all across the globe with exciting itineraries that will make your trip unforgettable.

My personal favorite place to find rooms for my vacation. I’ve booked hostels and hotels through here and my stays have been flawless. Book yours today and start your search below.

Business tools you cannot live without

Elegant Themes

Why I love them: They have an excellent Black Friday deal and its how I got my lifetime developer plan from them at a fraction of the cost of it otherwise. It was such a great deal and if you’re looking to upgrade your website now is absolutely the time to do it.

They also have special bonuses for the first several hundred purchasers. I missed out on all of them because I waited too long to take the leap. Don’t be like me!

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Divi WordPress Theme


I’ve been hosted on Bluehost for as long as I can remember and I don’t regret it one bit. Their black Friday deal is the best time of the year to sign up with a new plan with the lowest rates. Click here to do that.


Web Hosting
Siteground is a popular alternative to Bluehost if you’ve been burned before (no place is perfect) and is currently offering their lowest rates of the year. Click here to sign up now.


Why you should by this:
If you’re looking to invest in your email list this year, you can’t do better than ConvertKit’s offer. This one time deal is a group of all of their products, plus a couple of free months on Teachable so you can build your course and start making money. They’re even giving you a physical copy of their book, “I Am A Blogger,” and it’s one of the most touching collection of stories out there. Even though the internet is full of stories from bloggers, this one is particularly special because it’s an anthology of relatable experiences.

Creative live

You can never know too much. If you love discovering new hobbies, building new skill sets then Creative live is the place for you. During Black Friday they’re giving you 60% off most of their courses! That’s huge! Bookmark the ones you want and show up on Friday to buy them.

What I love about Creative Live is how detailed and in depth their classes are. Each one often comes with up to 20 or more videos – and they’re of a good size length. It really feels like you’re learning something new and getting your money’s worth.




Indulgences – Presents for yourself:



Stella and Dot

Beautiful and simple jewelry that adds a beautiful vibe to any wardrobe. Up to 25% off all jewelry. Check for the current black Friday sale – you won’t want to miss it!



Morning Vigor Coffee

Free coffee cup with purchase of any size of coffee. Morning Vigor Coffee is truly my favorite coffee – and not just because I own the store. The Single Origin flavors are both Organic Fair Trade and roasted upon your order. Choose whole beans or a specific grind for your perfect cup of coffee.
When you add the coffee to your cart, go explore the website and add your new coffee mug to the cart too! (morning vigor label cups are not included, sorry!)

Love With Food

You know what goes really well with coffee and a free cup? A gluten free snack box. When you sign up for a 6 month subscription, you’ll get one month free.

Bear Mattress

Save up to $225 on your purchase plus get 2 free pillows – they’re like a dream!


$28 Pre-Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Unfortunately Winc doesn’t ship to Alaska but if they did I would be all over this. (Not available in all states – check before you order!)

Woven Pear

I love a really good pair of socks, and Woven Pear will do that – every month of the year.

Scent Box

This is a favorite of my cousin. She signed up for a couple of months and tried a bunch of different scents before she found one she decided would be her signature. I love collecting different scents, but I like to collect them from my travels.



You can literally get all the things here, and sometimes it’s a wonder people shop anywhere else. So here’s an honorable mention.



Now, if I left out any deals, share them with me please! Leave a comment below to what your favorite deal is, or your favorite place to seek out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

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