It’s already too late to be thinking about Father’s Day. If you haven’t gotten a gift for your dad or the dad figure in your life I have 20 ideas for you that will make him super happy.

These gifts cover an array of dad figures, the ones who are into tech and the ones who are new fathers. And the ones who are your father.

I never had a healthy relationship with my father, and he’s been dead for a decade. So this holiday doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. But I know that it does for you and I no there is a future where it will be important to me again one day.

First up let’s look at the tech gear The dad in your life wants:

VR gaming headsets are the newest cool thing in gaming. I personally don’t get it but this Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB is officially available on May 21st, 2019 and it’s already a best seller. If your dad person loves gaming, and has expressed an interest in VR, this is the headset to get.

This bundle by HTC is all inclusive.Which is to say, it comes with a six month subscription to a unlimited games, plus it includes:

  • COMPLETE PREMIUM VR PACKAGE – Includes VIVE Pro Headset, 2x SteamVR Base Stations (v1.0), and 2x VIVE Controllers (v1.0)
  • STEAMVR TRACKING V1.0 – Precision movement tracking in a highly interactive space up to 16′ x 16′; seated, standing, or room-scale
  • BREATHTAKING GRAPHICS – Dual-AMOLED displays with a combined 2880 x 1600 resolution for unparalleled graphics, text, and textures
  • HI-RES-CERTIFIED AUDIO – Hi-Res, high-impedance headphones and 3D spatial sound to hear everything in the highest fidelity possible
  • ENGINEERED FOR LONG PLAY – Easy on and off, comfortable weight distribution, and accommodation for a wide range of head sizes, vision types, and even glasses

I feel it’s important to mention what any of this means but I bet the dude you want to buy it for does. It sounds compelling. 

Wearable camera glasses – what???

So these are a thing. Who knew? If you have an Instagram husband, I’m sure he would looove these Spectacles 2 (Nico) – Water Resistant Camera Glasses – Made for Snapchat so that he doesn’t have to try so hard to take great pictures of you. It makes taking video super easy! He just has to look at you. Takes up to 10 second videos and syncs with your phone. 

For the Explorer who loves photography

This GoPro bundle is perfect for the adventurer dad who wants to start making professional level videos of his treks. The video quality is the highest at 4k and photos are 12mp which is pretty decent for such a small thing. 

It comes with the camera, a 64GB memory card, rechargable battery and carrying case. Which will make it easy for the father who loves to travel.

This DBPOWER 4K Action Camera 12MP Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Cam with Built-in WiFi  is a lower priced camera, but has really good reviews on Amazon so I thought I would include it so you can compare.

And no tech post would be complete without a couple of high tech watches.

First up is a Series 4 Sport Apple Watch. 

Everyone loves them. I personally don’t have one but I’ve only heard good things. This one is perfect for the dad who loves outdoors, working out, sweating on purpose and working in the shed.

Next up is a Samsung watch.

If you have an android, this’ll work with your phone. That’s all I know about Androids.

Plants for Father’s day

I really like this next area of gifts. It speaks to me because of the memorial idea of a tree. If you’ve recently lost a father or would like to honor one who has past, planting a tree is a great idea. This article by the Impatient Gardener talks about her struggle to plant a tree for her dog (who is just as important as a dad in a persons personal growth, in my humble opinion.) and how she eventually decided what kind of tree to use for such an event.

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B-BEST Guardians of The Galaxy Groot Pen Pot -this is not a plant, but if you’ve got a green thumb, this is one of the cutest planters I’ve ever seen. And who doesn’t love a good Marvel comics reference?

But maybe your dad is still alive and you just want to watch something grow together. Maybe this tree is a special reveal that a baby is on the way. Idk. But here are a few you should consider.

Ficus Lyrata Tree Live One Stem Indoor Plant Fiddle-Leaf Fig 32″ 

‘Magnolia Soulangeana’ – 2 ft Tall Tree/Shrub


Grills for Fathers Day

I only have two recommendations for grills and while I don’t own either of these, I have eaten food made on both of these. Now we can ascribe the quality of that food to either the chef or the cooker. Personally, I think it’s the cooker. 

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill is the first one up and I just love this shape. It has over 400 square inches of space which is probably important but I can’t tell you why. All I know is the sriracha honey chicken I had that was made on this thing, changed my life. 

If you click through, there are two videos that will show you what this baby is capable of better than I ever could.

This Cuisinart CGG-200B All Foods Tabletop Gas Grill is a little less expensive, but is great for those who want a lot of space to grill, but don’t have a lot of space… to grill. Perfect for porches, backyards, and tailgating.  (is tailgating still a thing?) 

Someone made me some kebabs on this baby. They were dreamy. 

Outdoorsy Gifts for Father’s Day

Men apparently love to go out side and do outdoorsy things like hunt, fish, hike, and destroy wildlife with motorized vehicles. (I’m not super judgy – it looks like fun so I guess I get it) and if your outdoorsy dad person would love a gift that celebrates his love of the outdoors then the next five gifts are definitely right up his alley.

Osprey Packs Daylite Plus DaypackI have an osprey backpack – its like 65 liters so definitely not this one – but it’s followed me all across the world in some crazy climates and it has held up so well. I love mine to death. This daypack is much smaller but perfect for day trip hikes, work to gym days, and heading off to the beach. 

I’m in love with the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – Leak Proof Twist Cap. It rolls right up and is BPA free. It takes up no space but it holds its shape. Its great. You can freeze it, or put hot things inside. I don’t know why you would. But I love this.

I haven’t been paddle boarding but I’m desperate to try it. The Peak All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package holds up to 300 lbs, and is the complete package with paddles, carry pack, leash, and air pump. 

Paddle boards are great for those who need to work on their stability but are resistant to traditional exercises. They’re also great for adventurers who want to take a break. 

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These Hiker Hunger Hiking Poles are top rated on Amazon. My mom actually uses these during the winter and she loves them.

My first introduction to the LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter was while I was in Botswana. It was 2014, and the new crew of volunteers had arrived. One of them had one of these straws. I absolutely didn’t trust it. But you know what? I got sick constantly, and she did not. So who was write to use this straw? 

And finally, for the grumpy dad who needs to uplevel his mindset for fathers day

Sometimes its hard to know what to get dads, especially if you don’t like them very much. If I seem negative during this post, its because this particular holiday makes me particularly anxious. But it’s mostly because I have an entire lifetime of no memories of doing anything with my father – and I would have loved to do any of the things mentioned in this post with him.  So hopefully my future partner’s father will be awesome and I’ll get to do them with him. 

But if your dad needs an attitude adjustment, here are three books to set him straight.

This one might seem a little controversial if you have a challenging relationship with your father but hear me out. Sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes they require actual visual or tangible proof of how someone feels. If you fill out this book, it helps them refocus on the positive experiences you once shared and reminds them that you share those memories and cherish them. Its also an opportunity to forgive your father, if that’s a situation that applies to you. 

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead is the book that taught us how to be vulnerable with each other. If your dad hasn’t had a cry in twenty years, this book will help give him permission to start feeling his feelings.

Not exactly what dad wants to see for Fathers Day, I’m guessing. But sometimes books can start conversations, or continue conversations that we ourselves have run out of steam to continue. This book does that. If your dad needs some deeply held beliefs challenged with strong evidence based research, this book is compelling and might step up to the plate for you so you can take a breather before jumping back in.

If you haven’t read these books before, I would read them before passing them on – that way you know the kind of conversation they’ll create and you can help guide it so it stays constructive.

One final gift for the end of this list:

NIX Advance 15 Inch Digital Photo Frame is perfect for all holidays where we celebrate a type of person – whether its a mom, dad, grandparent, uncle, child, or friend. Load the picture frame up with a series of photos and keep your people delighted with the memories you’ve shared together.

They’re perfect for making baby announcements too. 

20 fathers day gifts for 2019 - gifts from amazon prime that will your dad will love
20 fathers day gifts for 2019 - gifts from amazon prime that will make your dad super happy
20 fathers day gifts for 2019
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