Let me tell you a story…

When I was a teenager, I set the seemingly impossible goal of joining the Peace Corps (but on my terms). Everyone I told scoffed, or rolled their eyes. But I kept trucking along. For nearly a decade, every decision I made was an active choice to guide me closer or further away from my goal.

And in 2012, I received my nomination. In 2013, 11 months later, I was on a plane to Botswana.

When I swore in three months later, convinced right up until the director handed me my certificate that they were going to pull me aside and tell me they made a mistake, I glanced around me and starting shouting inside, “you guys, I fucking did it!”

About a year later, the novelty wore off, and my thoughts were suddenly aimed toward the future. But I couldn’t see it. For a solid decade, my only goal in life was to join the Peace Corps – and that had been accomplished.

The feeling of being adrift at sea comes to mind. I knew what I didn’t want to do, but I had no clue what I did want to do with my life, besides help people live the best version of their lives.

So I grasped on to that like a buoy.

And I learned how to swim again…

And I figured out how to use my tenacity, hardwork, clarity process, with an injection of gratitude to help my new online community ride the tide of their new businesses, instead of losing control and crashing over the reef.

It is impossible of categorize all of the ways the Peace Corps changed my life, but when I closed my service in 2015, I finally found my new why. I knew the best way for me to help the people who could best use my particular set of skills would be to start my own online business.

Today, I am a holistic business coach that helps people like you to move beyond your fear-based mentality in work and life, into a gratitude based mindset and empower their path to success so my clients can spend more time doing the things that enrich their lives.

To put it simply, I help you take care of yourself so you can take care of business.

Free Audio Download:

Free Audio Download:

Recognizing and Healing from Business Burnout

Does this sound like you:

No longer feeling energized by working long hours

Frustration with my inability to accomplish tasks that were once easy

Not wanting to come to work (or sit down at my computer)
Feeling angry with yourself at not accomplishing more

A decline in self-worth and self-esteem


If you said yes, then you might be experiencing Business Burnout. Listen to this free Audio to learn how to practice self care as an entreprenuer.

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