This was originally for an interview/guest post that fell through and I really wanted to share it with you so here it is.


Tell us a little bit about your blog/business

I’m a Millennial Life Skills Coach. What are millennial life skills, you ask? Its that subset of skills, events, and knowledge that you’re expected to learn while in high school or college, but didn’t. Its job searching, resume creation, career development. But its also time management, staying out of debt, planning for the future and managing stress. My services focus largely on the career development portion of the life skills, but I believe in a holistic approach to all situations, and that includes the lasting quality of your life.


What inspired you to start your own blog/business?


I’ve been working in the workforce development field for most of my professional career. It’s kind of all I know how to do. I am a recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and decided when I came home it was time to work for myself through my people.


What were the first steps you took to put your dreams into action?


I came up with a name, and promptly bought the domain. You have to. To be more serious, I came up with a business plan. I need to know how many clients I need to make the income I’d like. I need to know where to find my clients, and how to get them to trust me to help them change their lives.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far and how did you overcome it?


The biggest challenge is finding clients. The internet is wide and the options are many. Standing out as an expert, and developing a relationship with your audience is key.


What is your favourite thing about running your own blog/business?


The time and effort I put into it directly correlates with my income. If I spend no time on it, I make no money. When I reach out to people, they respond and we start to work together.


What could you/your blog/your business not function without?


I feel like I really stepped up my game when I created funnels for my mailing list. It allows them a chance to get to know me better, learn more about my services, and feel connected.


What keeps you motivated and focused when things get tough?


There is a resiliency that all Returned Peace Corps Volunteers come home with that intrinsically keeps you moving full steam ahead. Nothing will ever be has hard as those two years were, and so I know I will succeed if I just keep going.


What one thing do you wish you had known before you started out?


I kept seeing webinars everywhere and wish I had really started with them before I got everything set up and then decided it was the missing link.


What does the future hold for your blog/business?


I’m getting ready to launch 3 Millennial Life Skills Labs, based on the core foundations of my coaching practice: Gratitude, Empowerment, Success. We’re all at different places in our lives and need different kinds of support. Each of these labs focuses on developing our skills to be gentle with ourselves, understanding our strengths and weaknesses, and being indispensable.


Finally, tell us one random thing about yourself!


I live in Alaska, and I’ve moved back here three times. Everytime I try to leave it calls me back home.


Jessica F. Walker is a Millennial Life Skills Coach, resume guru, RPCV, author, and general Jill-Of-All-Trades. You can find her coaching business at – sign up for the Labs waiting list at




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