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The Challenge

You need to make some money. Student loans are killing you, blogging is just the worst, and you did your time at your McJob. No, you need something that is going to relieve the pressure of debt, the gig economy, and maybe even trade in your day job.

The Solution

Shopify has a 14 day free trial, and this 10 day course is designed to get your your first sale within those first two weeks. Whether your profit is $7.00 or $700 from that first sale, I know you’ll see the benefit of managing your own online store. Its easy to start, incredibly lucrative if you have a great idea, and this free course will teach you how to get started.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Finances?

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Who Am I?

Full Time Employment Specialist

My background is in workforce development. For ten years I’ve helped people of all ages determine their education and career paths. And 10/10 times, my favorites were people who wanted to start their own businesses. 

Part Time World Traveler

Travel is the one gift you give yourself that always pays for itself. Except it doesn’t pay for itself. I pay for it. And my non-profit job isn’t going to pay for that.

Full Time Hustler

I blog. I run a successful Shopify store. I teach people to do the same. Why do I hustle full time? Because I love the burn. I love the feeling of looking at my email and seeing another sale and satisfied customer. I love making money. And I’m getting real good at it too. 😉

I did everything wrong when I opened my store. 

First, I waited until after my free trial ended to launch. 

Then, I wasted time on apps and ads that didn’t turn into conversions because I just didn’t know what I was doing.

I didn’t have a cohesive plan with my store. And I wish I could have found someone to tell me what to do to get started.

But I did have some grit.

This 10 day e-course is the path I should have taken to start my store in May 2017. If I followed this plan, I would have saved so much time, hair pulling, and money. 

And when I finally stepped back and implemented this path (albeit outside of the free trial) I finally started to see the sales roll in. I won’t lie; at first it was slow. But it’s gradually built up and in October 2017, my store paid for my 15 day trip to three countries in Europe. 

The Results Were Amazing

I’m not promising this course will make you a millionaire over night, or even in a year. I’ll let the other fools convince you they can do that.

No, for me, knowing I can make my student loan payments every month, shuck some away in savings, and treat myself to something I never would have bought before (on my incredibly strict budget) has been transformative.

I’m not afraid of my account overdrafting anymore. I’m finally fixing my credit and paying down my debts. I’m saving money for the first time… ever. Because I finally feel like I have enough money to live comfortably and take care of my responsibilities.

If you’ve been struggling to pay down your student loans, you might need a side hustle.

Bloggers will spend hours telling how easy and fun it is to blog. (I love writing – Blogging however, is not my favorite.)

It’s not for everyone, but blogging is also not the only way to make a buck online.

Shopify might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. The start up costs are low, the potential for profits are extremely high, and it is so easy to get started.

This ten day course will take you through all the steps you need to start your own store and make your first sale during your free trial.

If you don’t make a sale, then you don’t have to keep your store. But if you do, you’ll know the addictive feeling it is to get $20, $50, or $100+ just from getting the right products in front of the right people. 

We Rethought Everything

Complete Corporate Identity

Interested In Changing Your Life?

Get Started on Shopify with a Video Course that teaches you how to make your first sale using Facebook Ads

ShopifyFree Trial E- Course

If you're ready to start your ecommerce side hustle, you need thisten day e-course challenge that will give you the exact steps to take to make your first sales on your Shopify store. I'm so excited I'm able to offer you the same videos I used to start my own wildly successful store. Plus, you'll get a business plan to help you organize your process. 

Excellent! Now you just need to check your email to get access to the Shopify Free Trial E-Course!

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