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Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m a Millennial Life Skills Coach. Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to:

Create a career development plan that supports your values?

Create a lifestyle that you absolutely love?

Learn a new skill set to support your new career?

Get out of debt and live a fufilled life?

Let’s Work Together!

Jessica F. Walker

Jessica F. Walker

Millennial Life Skills Coach

  • Employment Specialist
  • Certified Customer Service Trainer
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur

What is Millennial Life Skills Coaching?

I like to refer to it as, Holisitic Case Management for Career Development. I want to help you find your path in life. I meet my clients where they’re at, and help them figure out where they want to go. Sometimes they already know, but can’t move past their barriers. I help them create actionable plans to remove those barriers so they can find success in their new positions. 

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Most people these days don’t stay in a single job position for more than 5 years.

Millennials aren’t loyal to companies, they’re loyal to culture, creativity, and creation. Wouldn’t it be better to be in a career that challenged you, and allowed you to grow as an employee and a person?


Millennial Life Skills Coaching is the program I’ve designed after 10 years of experience as an Employment Specialist and Millennial Life Skills Coach. 

This coaching program covers everything I’ve learned that works in designing your career. 

If you’re hemming and hawing about this course, maybe right now isn’t the right time to change your life. Maybe you need to stay exactly where you’re at. Fear and excitement come from the same place inside of us, and it can sometimes be hard to differentiate the nuances.


But I’d like you consider what your life could look like in six months if you did take a chance on yourself right now.

What would your new life look like if you were interviewing for a job you were absolutely qualified for?

 How would it feel to know you were being useful at work?

To know you were being challenged by the work, and rising to the occasion every moment?




Can you imagine waking up every morning, excited about work? I can imagine it. I’ve lived it. I’ve helped so many people design their career path, and now I want to do that for you.

A tailored program to help you…


Developing a practice of gratitude enables you to appreciate all good things as they come. Learn to be mindful, appreciate the nuances of life, attract what matters to you, and spread the love. There simply can never be enough love.


Get ready to learn new skills, be brave, and start doing things you never thought possible. Whether you need to learn to love your self, learn to code, or learn to get over your fear of public speaking we’ll develop a holistic game plan to empower your life.


With your new mindful appreciation, confidence, you’re going to find success in a new job that earns you more money and matches your values.

I’m here to meet you where you’re at. Maybe you don’t need all of these services. Maybe you do need all of them. Instead of putting together a package of services that may or may not be applicable to you, I’ve put together a list of my expertise. Let’s see where you’re at, and how I can best assist you to build the lifestyle you want.

Sessions start at $149

Depending on your individual needs, we’ll work together to decide how many 1-on-1 coaching sessions you’ll need to achieve your personal goals. 

Generally, I recomend starting with three sessions and then reviewing to see how I can best continue to support your goals. 

Personalized Affirmations
Develop an understanding and practice of Gratitude
Gratitude Journaling
Daily Motivational reminders

Identify current skill sets
Reslisience workshop
Identify new skill sets and development
Create a plan of action to tackle obstacles and barriers
Time Management
Saying NO
Opening up to possibilities
10/20/30 day Accountability tracking
Debt Management and Financial Planning 

Resume Creation
Resume Website creation
Interview skills (and mock interviews)
Job Searching beyond the internet
Develop a world class network
How to Ask
Career Map

Kickstart your career success now

Lets chat it out. Sign up for a free discovery call and we’ll come up with a plan that’s right for you! Whether you need extra support with interview skills, motivation, resumes, or developing a marketable skill set, lets work together and find out how to get your career to the next level. 

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