I love a good round up post, especially when they’re related to things I love. Like Career Development. Self care. Entrepreneurship. And Personal Development. Awesome! Sometimes you’re looking for something to… help you out. But you’re not sure what. Well, this list has some great options on it. These were sourced from one of my favorite Facebook Groups called Online Business BFFs. I’ve signed up for a lot of them (and even created a few of them!)


These challenges, courses, and resources are from the best of the best right here for you. I hope you enjoy. If you know of any amazing free resources that would be great here, feel free to link to them in the comments!


Of course, I have a few courses for you to sign up for if you’re interested.

Job Search Challenge

Blogging 101

Coming soon- Open your Dropship Shopify store in less than 14 days


Career Development



Take this free 7-day e-course and develop a sustainable side hustle. This is will help you figure out which side hustle you want to pursue, how to market yourself, find clients on autopilot, and build a personal branding.



It’s Not You, It’s Me: A Job Analysis Course

Say Exactly This to get a Raise this Week

Start the pay raise conversation with confidence when meeting with your manager using these opening lines SCRIPTS.

Grant Writing Challenge

Join a free email challenge for grant writers (or those who want to be), non-profit staff, board members, and volunteers: 5 Days to Better Grant Readiness

Free Career Resources

‘Free Resources’ page to house all of my best career and job search resources. I’ve currently stocked the page with four professionally designed resume template packages and a cover letter example–with much more to come!


6 Day Job Search Challenge: If you’re just starting to look for a job, you need to take this challenge. It’ll help you organize your resume, optimize your applications, teach you to be a strong interviewer, and more. In six days, you could be on the way to your new job!




Balance Your Chakras

Free 35 page chakra balancing workbook

International Womens Day Affirmation Cards

A set of 12 free inspiring affirmation cards for female entrepreneurs to use in the home or office for a daily dose of motivation!. If you are a female entrepreneur who loves a bit of inspiration each day, then these are for you!


Free Printable

Free inspirational printable

Food Mood and Health Journal

If you are trying to kickstart your healthy eating goals, one of the best things that works for my clients is to keep track. I make it really simple, and fun with my Food Mood and Health Journal.

Free Pilates Foundations Course

I’m offering a Free Pilate Foundations Course (which is usually $65!) This is essential for Pilates beginners and excellent as a refresher for the seasoned pro.

Self Care Resource Library

Lots of free resources in the library, all centering around self care and confidence. My latest (and favourite) is my guide to 50+ resources to practice self care!

Resource Library

Resource library which includes planners and stickers for organization, a coloring book for relaxation, and other printable downloadables for fun.

14 Life Detox Challenge

I have a free challenge designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are busy and sedentary. if you are always sitting and feel overall stiff, and unhealthy.. I have a 14 days challenge for you! The lifestyle detox challenge will take you from sedentary to fit by cleansing your mindset, nutrition and fitness.

FREE motivational pack

FREE motivational pack which includes

A printable quote for every day of the week

A flow chart to see if you are motivating yourself the right way

A simple TO DO list of things to get your butt moving TODAY

And just been added is a lovely watercolour BOOKMARK printable with a motivational quote on it.




47-Point Homepage Checklist

There’s no point driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert browsers into leads, and then customers. Yet 80% of sites fail to generate an ROI. 🙁 Which is exactly why I created this free 47-Point Homepage Checklist


Resource Library for Creative Entrepreneurs

BackStage PASS to my AWESOME Library for the NEW online Creative Entrepreneur


Business Basics for the Self-Employed

Free email course on the basics of business finance for self-employed folks. If you’re struggling to understand tracking your income and expenses and what financial tasks you need to so for your biz- this is for you!

Kickstart Your Writing Career

Looking for guides and templates to help you in business? Sign up here.

Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

Sign up for Ed Troxell’s Weekly and get access to my free resource library. Bonus: you get the ultimate toolkit for entrepreneurs.

Join the Book Club

FREE book club for 2017 where we read 12 books in the genre of business psychology/productivity.

FREE Stock Photos!

This is a place where you can get access within moments to hundreds of free styled stock photos. What makes this stock photo library unique is that all of our photos are member influenced and curated.

Ultimate list of career and personal development resources, job searching, self love, gratitude, entrepreneurship, empowerment, success, jessicafwalker.com

EBook: Digital Nomad Secrets

I have recently put together an eBook called “Digital Nomad Secrets”  for  people wanting to travel whilst working, whether that’s the odd holiday with their family, or travel 24/7. My book gives them the tools to get going.

Questions to ask before turning your side hustle into a full time job

6 questions to ask yourself before turning your side hustle into a full time




Achieve 100 Goals This Year

How will the 100 Goals for the Year Exercise help me achieve my bucket list? This free planner (in our goal setting tools & resources library) AUTOMATICALLY tracks your progress towards all your goals, big or small, and shows you where you should focus your attention for the future. Effectively turning a bucket list into an ACTION list!


Soul Sister Squad Resource Library

For all of the soul searching women looking to become their most radiant self, I have a free library full of practical tools and inspiration for heart-centered living! 🙂


Time Management Guide

Become your most productive self with my FREE time management guide

Get UnStuck

Do you feel stuck? Are you living your life or someone else’s? If you are ready to stop listening to the voices of your peanut gallery and start trusting your inner voice, do I have the resource for you!


Find your Voice Webinar

Own Your Voice and Love Your Life! A free 30 minute webinar where I walk you through a step by step process to begin to tune in and listen to your inner voice.


Learn to Paint Step by Step

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body and you want to know how an artist works, this digital painting eBook will highlight every step of painting an image. From the blank page to completion.

Free Printable for decluttering your Closet

Here’s my best trick to declutter and purge your closet, with 6 questions to help you create a wardrobe you love. Plus get your FREE printable closet decluttering guide to make the process easier!


7 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

Are you looking to start travelling more in 2017? My new eBook + actionable checklist will help you do just that! You can download “7 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel” for FREE 

Rock Your Routine

Rock Your Routine is a free 5-day house cleaning course for overwhelmed homemakers.


Free E-Book : The Backpackers Guide to Travelling in Luxury

Free 23 page e-book (the backpackers guide to travelling in luxury) – Various travel tips and tricks including: planning your trip, how to save big on accommodation, finding cheap airfares, top frequent flyer programs to join and much more!


Learn to Handletter for free!


Hey you guys!! Anyone wanting to learn hand lettering and modern calligraphy?

I’m teaching basic lettering techniques fo’ FREE!

If you’d like to learn, check out the link below. When you sign up, you get free lettering worksheets and you can request an invite to watch free lettering tutorial videos. Each week I do a different technique, letter or pen review. 🤗Hope to see some of you soon!


Free Audio Download:

Free Audio Download:

Recognizing and Healing from Business Burnout

Does this sound like you:

No longer feeling energized by working long hours

Frustration with my inability to accomplish tasks that were once easy

Not wanting to come to work (or sit down at my computer)
Feeling angry with yourself at not accomplishing more

A decline in self-worth and self-esteem


If you said yes, then you might be experiencing Business Burnout. Listen to this free Audio to learn how to practice self care as an entreprenuer.

Check your email (and possibly spam box :( ) for your download!

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