The Ultimate list of 30 day challenges on Pinterest + GIVEAWAY


I love 30 day challenges. I try to do one at least once a month… or every thirty days.

Why do I love thirty day challenges? How about a list of thirty reasons?

One: Anyone can do something for thirty days.

Two: Thirty days is just long enough to keep you excited, but not long enough to start feeling bored.

Three: It gives you a chance to become good, better, or excellent at something.

Four: I’m not actually going to list 30 reasons I love 30 day challenges, but I’m so glad you thought that I might.


Everyone needs to be challenged. Challenge is where change happens. Habits are created in 18 days. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We’ve all heard these true and cliche sayings. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, a 30 day challenge might just be the thing to get you out. It changes your perception and your motivation. To do better this time than last time. To beat your friends. Or even to set new scores.  Again, anyone can do pretty much anything for 30 days.

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Below is a list with some of my favorite 30 day challenges. I have a 21 day gratitude training program (which you can get immediate access to in the Millennial Life Skills Vault by signing up here) which teaches you how to experience gratitude in for the things that have happened, appreciate the moment that you’re in, and how to attract gratitude, happiness, and general well-being to your future. Its great. You should check it out.

But again, here is a list of 30 day challenges you can try out if you want. These are my favorite ones that I’ve already tried, or think is just a great idea it’s next on my list to try soon.
If you want to see even more 30 day challenges, follow me on Pinterest where I curate the best of the best on my 30 Days Challenge board.


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The Ultimate 30 Day Challenge List


31 Day Photo Challenge

OK, let's not abandon this project a week into it, ok???:



30 Day Minimalist Challenge By the Minimalist Soul


31 Day Career Detox for Every Woman by Career Contessa


30 Day Social Media Detox

Detox with DROP bottle //



30 Day Create a Morning Routine by Theeverygirl


30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge by Smart Fertility Choices


30 Day Vocabulary Challenge by One Good Thing by Jillee


30 DIY Mindfulness Challenge

DIY 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge:


30 Days of Lego Play by Moms Messy Miracles


30 Day Hoola Hoop Challenge


30 Day Emotional Eating Journal Challenge

FREE DOWNLOAD: 30 Day Emotional Eating Journal Challenge:



30 Day Declutter Challenge by Pop Sugar


30 Day Self Care Challenge by Brianna Fae


30 Day Lunge Challenge by 30 day Fitness Challenges


30 Day Wall Squat Challenge

wall squat:



30 Day Self Love Challenge by Skinny Mom


30 Day Reflection Challenge by Stone Soup for Five


30 Days to Better Posture by Inspire Happy


30 Day Spending Hiatus by Pop Sugar


30 Day No Sugar Challenge

Skinny Ms. challenges you to eliminate all added sugar from your life! #nosugarchallenge #stopsugar:



If you want to see even more 30 day challenges, follow me on Pinterest where I curate the best of the best on my 30 Days Challenge board.


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