Need to stash away money – use acorns

Last year I decided that I wanted to take control of my personal finances. After my two years in the Peace Corps, my credit was completely destroyed and I had to start all over. I started researching the best way to pay down my debt and save money at the same time and came across a new way to invest. Acorns intrigued me, especially the ability to set aside my change. I wanted that feature and didn’t know how much I needed it until I started using it.

What is acorns?

Acorns is a micro investment app. They make investing interesting, fun, and accessible for millennials.The idea came from squirrels who hide acorns for food later, but then forget about them. Those acorns grow into trees, which then create further dividends in the form of even more acorns.
Acorns works the same way. They take the rounded up change from your purchases and purchase shares of stocks. It goes into an investment account that you don’t touch and over time it grows and earns dividends. You can customize it to roll away your little acorns for every $5 dollars, and pick the kind of plan you’d like for them to invest your money in.

How to sign up for Acorns

Signing up for Acorns is super easy. And if you use this link you’ll start your account off with $5, plus they’ll plant a tree to help our environment. You’ll need your bank card – I’ve used both my debit card and a credit card with my account.

Which plan to pick

When you sign up they’ll ask you some personal questions about your current financial situation, and what your savings goals are. Based on your answers they’ll recommend a plan that ranges from conservative to aggressive. You are welcome to choose a plan that you feel is better if you want. To see the differences in plans, click here.

The power of Acorns

My favorite feature about this app,one that the other ones that are similar don’t have is that it can roll up your change from purchases and invest it. So you can save your money passively and it’s such small amounts that you won’t notice it’s missing!
You can also check your balance, dividends, and see a projection of your investments if you let them grow.
Acorns also has content that will teach you about investments, the stock market, and other related topics.
They also have a partnership with some of your favorite brands and stores, like Casper, Jet, Blue Apron, Zappos, and apple music. You can earn additional dollars just for buying things you were going to buy anyway.
You may have heard of other programs that do similar things (like ebates or swagbucks) and the real difference here is this money is going to earn you interest. It’s not points. You don’t have to wait to cash it out. Every purchase you make is an investment to your future goals.

Link more than one card

Like I mentioned before, you can link more than one card. The benefit is being able to put away as much as possible into this investment account. Every time I make a purchase from either account, the change is rolled up to the next dollar, and once it reaches $5, Acorns whisks it from my account and into my investments. I don’t even think about it – it just happens.

How much I’ve saved

I recently withdrew the money I previously saved which was about $200 – which I used for a vacation. My current balance is up to $80, and I don’t make regular contributions. Every now and then I’ll decide I can transfer $10 or $20, but most of my savings has come from the acorns rounding up.
I don’t currently have any goals with my investment through acorns. But I’m looking at buying a house or a car within the next few years. Having this stash will undoubtedly come in handy – especially if I let it grow.

How Acorns is going to help you reach your goals

Making an investment in the stock market is absolutely going to come with risks. I am not a certified financial advisor so please understand I’m only talking about my own experience here.
Millennials are accused of so many things – ruining the economy buy not buying enough houses, being swallowed in student loans we were convinced we needed, etc. If you’re trying to figure out how to plan for the future while taking care of your current financial situation, Acorns is a great option. Acorns will shuffle aside a couple of dollars every now and then into an investment account, allowing you to make a contribution to your financial future that isn’t an overburden of your day to day life. Acorns make investing interesting, fun, and accessible for millennials.
The app I use to save hundreds of dollars every month has changed my life. Making an investment in my future with Acorns has never been easier. The app I use to save hundreds of dollars every month has changed my life. Making an investment in my future with Acorns has never been easier.
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