How to quit your job, new employment, work benefits, career advice, work advice,, gratitude, empowerment, success

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they know they absolutely cannot stay at the job they’re at. Either its the boss, or the low pay, or the commute, or anything else. But staying is no longer an option.

But wait! You can’t quit! What about the employee sponsored 401k, or health insurance? If you quit you don’t get your unemployment insurance- maybe for weeks!

What if you quit, and then finding another is a lot harder than you thought?

Sometimes you have to quit a job, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself so you don’t put yourself in a negative situation.


First of all, let’s examine why you want to quit.

Is it your boss or co-workers? Does the values of the company or corporate culture not align with yours? Or are you just bored with the work?

If you feel like you need to be challenged at your job, but you love your co-workers, consider looking for a new position within the company.

Set a new goal for yourself. Find out which jobs are available, or find a person who has the job you want, and ask them what you need to do to get their job.

They’re not going to feel threatened by your inquiry. They’re going to be flattered that you asked them.


Once you know what kind of skills you need, look for some online courses to help fill the gap. I suggest also, reaching out to your new friend and asking if there is a project they might need some extra assistance on. Be sure to let your supervisor know that you’d like to increase your responsibilities.


If, however, the company is not where you want to be, that’s when you need to start job searching.

Don’t quit before you have another job lined up. Its tacky, and you don’t actually know when the new job will start. It helps to give yourself a deadline to give your two weeks notice by.

Make the date, and keep it very firm in your mind.

Write it down. And plan your entire life around it.

The job will come, if you’re actively searching. The universe will align itself to help you reach your goals. But you have to ask, and you have to put forth the effort.

How to quit your job, new employment, work benefits, career advice, work advice,, gratitude, empowerment, success

Now that you have this awesome deadline, you have to plan.

Depending on your current employer, you might have some really amazing benefits. While it’s a growing trend, many companies don’t offer child care assistance, dental insurance, or a set amount of leave (you have to earn it).

So, when researching places to apply in the field of work you’d like, take these things into consideration. Is it worth leaving your current company for less pay, but free daycare? Would you rather have guaranteed parking, or your gym across the street?

You have to decide what is important to you in a workplace. And then make sure you’re willing to accept the compromise you’ll eventually need to make.


What happens if your deadline comes and goes, and there is still no job offer?

Well, if you’re feeling unsafe at your workplace and it isn’t something that can be worked out, then you have to make the best decision for you. But if you still don’t have a new job, consider the reasons.

Do you need to revamp your resume? Are you getting references? Is your background or credit blocking your way? Are you even making it to the interview portion of the job search?

If you’re struggling to find a way out of your job, getting an outside perspective can be extremely helpful. A millennial life skills coach can help you figure out what steps you’re missing and how you can best leverage your experience to get the job you want.


How to quit your job, new employment, work benefits, career advice, work advice,, gratitude, empowerment, success

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