I am so glad to welcome Bonnie McConaughy as a guest poster this week. She’s writing about why and how you can believe in yourself, end the impostor syndrome once and for all, and start doing the work that really matters to you. 

Our career dreams matter and they are important to us.

Sometimes it’s hard to follow them for various reasons. One of the biggest issues I have experienced, and see others struggling with, is believing in ourselves enough to chase our dreams. I haven’t been pursuing my own career dreams for very long, but I have learned a lot already simply by getting started and putting myself out there!


#1: Build up your confidence:


  • Surround yourself with positive and confident people. The more of this type of energy you spend time around, the more you will feel positive and confident yourself! I can’t tell you how beneficial being a part of so many Facebook groups that are full of people with similar goals and purposes has helped me. Just seeing what they have to say and how hard they work helps motivate me!


  • Be proud of what you have achieved. Every achievement, big or small, is something to be celebrated. You have come a long way to get it done and that’s always amazing and worth being proud about. So please, don’t ever think that your achievements are too small to be worth anything. Every step in the right direction is a big step as it all adds up!


  • Remember that done is better than perfect in a lot of cases. If you’re so worried about perfection, then you may never get whatever you’re working on done and where it needs to go. No one can be helped by what you have to offer if you don’t get it out there. So do your best, get it done, and get it in front of the necessary people!


  • Use your fear to fuel you! You can use your fear to push you forward instead of letting it define you or hold you back. Let’s face it, a lot of the things in life that scare us the most to do are the most rewarding things once we have pushed through and done it! If it’s that important to you, then it’s certainly worth pursuing!


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#2: Strengthen your self-esteem:



  • Accept criticism as it is. Sometimes it’s worth further thought, or for use to fuel you to improve things on your own terms. In other situations, it’s best to just let the criticism go and ignore it. Either way, don’t let it get to you enough to discourage you. It’s only their opinion and you still have a purpose to fulfill!


  • Be proud and outspoken about what you do and what you have accomplished. What you have done is something to be proud of! Don’t shy away from telling people when they ask what your job is or what you do every day. You have come this far and that counts for so much!


  • Stick up for yourself by being assertive. Don’t let opportunities get away from you because you’re afraid of going after them or speaking your mind to other people. Be assertive with the people in your personal and work life to get where you need to go.


#3: Stay ambitious and determined:


  • Don’t let yourself, or anyone else, discourage you. As humans, we often have the habit of being our own worst critics, and that can chip away at our determination to pursue our dreams. Other people also sometimes do the same with their jealousy or concerned feelings for us. Remember why you’re working so hard and keep moving forward. You have a purpose and like I said, you can do this!


  • Continuously work on your goals and don’t give up. There will be times that it is really difficult, but do not get discouraged. You will get through those hard times and you’re making progress all along the way. You will certainly learn how to thrive as you move forward!


  • Remember what I mentioned before, that you are strong and capable! You have all that you need within you right now, so channel that energy towards your dreams and go after them!



We all have things that make it hard for us to go after our dreams, whether they are career or life dreams, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pursue them. If something is important enough to us and we can live a more fulfilling life, then we should go after those dreams with everything we have!



Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You, where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. If you are interested in those topics, stop by and read her blog! She is also a freelance and ghostwriter .

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