I love podcasts.

I have a fairly long commute to work, and listening to a podcast keeps me engaged, and makes me feel like the time isn’t being wasted. It also drowns out the sounds of people coughing on the bus. Yuck. Honestly, it took me a while to branch out of my usual podcasts. I guess while I was away, the podcast game changed because before there were a few high quality shows, and several very poor shows with only one or two episodes before they gave up.

Now there are literally hundreds of podcasts, and they are often owned by media groups. They have figured out how to monetize them, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I remember when podcasts didn’t have ads. They were just the show, all sweat and blood and tears and laughter. We’re in a new era of podcasting, that’s for sure. Today I’m going to share four podcasts I’m totally digging, and you should listen to.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Crowdfunded originally by Kickstarter, Vanessa and Casper are just killing the retelling of Harry Potter through the process of reading it as a sacred text. If you think that sounds sacrilegious, please trust me: it’s not. These books are full of lessons, parables, and themes that 1) help reimagine how you consider the text and, 2) how you can apply this new consideration to your own life. It’s not judgy or overwhelming. It is quite simply, Magical. They’ve just finished season two, and are raising money to fund season three. Give it a listen, and then give them a couple of bucks to keep this amazing show going!


#GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Former CEO of NastyGal, Sophia Amoruso is just a freaking queen of outsiders and awesomeness. She interviews high powered girl bosses for her podcast, and each one of their stories is beautiful, unique, and inspiring. The show is on a bit of a hiatus until after her #GirlBoss Rally  so go listen to some past episodes and get ready for the awesomeness yet to come.

If you haven’t read her book #GirlBoss, you need to do it now. The New York Times describes it as “Lean in for outsiders and misfits,” but I think it’s just a great story of grit and determination to blaze one’s own path. I learned a lot about myself and how I wanted my business to look. If you’re interested in growing your career or jumping into entrepreneurship, this book is a must read.

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The Keto Diet Podcast

I’m on that Keto Life, because it’s really the best and only way for me to control my celiac disease. Leanne breaks down important aspects of the keto life, and introduces a new “make it work for yourself” mantra of Keto which is refreshing. If you’re in the groups, you know how controlling people can be about their ideas regarding keto.

She recently released a book called The Keto Diet, which I read and love the crap out of. It is so informative and different from your typical Keto way of eating. If it read and see if you know what I mean.



We are on total information overload, but this podcast is funny as hell, and created by my favorite podcast peeps. I started listening to these guys back when they were all about Harry Potter. We grew up together. And they understand my language, and yours, I imagine. As millennials, we’re well informed, scared, and anxious to do more, and to do better. This show encapsulates all of those ideals and more. Check it.

What podcasts do you listen to? What should I start listening to?

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