3 Ways to Make More Money at Your Current Job


If you’ve been at your job for a while, you may be feeling stuck or tired. Its not challenging, or maybe your work is just tedious. Instead of feeling relaxed and enjoying your time there, you spend your day counting down the clock.

You feel like its not worth your time because you don’t earn enough.

But what if you knew you could earn more money at your job?

Would that be the difference between staying and leaving? If so, then read on, dear friend!

There are three ways to make more money at the job you already have, and I’m going to discuss them here with you today.

Ask for a Raise:

Did you know you can do that? It’s totally a thing. If you’ve been at the company for a while, and you haven’t received a raise recently (within the last 6 months to a year), then consider the following:

Are you providing exceptional value or are you merely meeting deadlines and requirements?

Have you recently solved a problem of efficiency or something that that has saved the company money?

What would your employer say about your work during a employee review?

If, through your own speculation on these questions your work isn’t up to par, then you probably don’t want to ask for a raise.

On the flip side, if you’ve asked yourself these questions and for each one can list time after time how useful you were, how much you saved the company or how the company basically wouldn’t function without you, then yes. GO ask for a raise.

Some things to keep in mind: Only you know what your time is worth, and you must understand that some jobs just generally pay less.

If you’re at a non-profit, their budget is already set for the year, so unless they have some extra pocket of money, don’t expect much. A good number to think about is a 2-5% increase.

But again, only you know what that really translates to. Is it enough?

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Get Promoted:

Another way to make more money is getting promoted is not the same as asking for a raise. When you ask for a raise, you’re asking for more money to do the same job.

If you ask for a promotion, you’re asking for a raise to meet the new duties you’ll be accepting.

This is a totally valid way to earn more money.

If you get your promotion you can start to negotiate your new salary. It might feel totally crazy but ask for a crazy number, like 20-30% more than what you actually would like.

When they counter back, they might offer the low-ball number you can live with. Or even better, they’ll say, “deal.” But you won’t know unless you ask.

Get Your Bonus:

This one is not applicable to all jobs. I understand that.

But if you’re working a job where there are different levels of output to reach different levels of bonuses; then work for them! If you’re struggling to meet those goals,

I suggest making friends with two or three of the top performers and study their habits. Try on their skills, and use what works for you. Ask them what they do to make more money.

Set your own goals, and keep track of what helps you reach those goals, and what doesn’t. If you are consistently meeting your goals, and earning your bonuses, then working there should feel really great.

But sometimes it isn’t about the money.

It’s about the culture, and treatment of employees. If you’ve tried all of these things, but feel like you can’t earn more money at your current gig, then it sounds likes it’s time to start reevaluating your career.  

I understand it’s not always easy to up and leave a job.

Benefits can keep you held hostage. Instead, maybe consider starting a side hustle.

Side hustles are part time jobs you can do in your spare time.You probably won’t get rich off them, but it can ease the burden of not earning enough at your other job.

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3 Ways to Make More Money at Your Current Job | career planning | career coach | life skills coach | life coach | catapult your career | gratitude | empowerment | success | jessicafwalker.com

3 Ways to Make More Money at Your Current Job | career planning | career coach | life skills coach | life coach | catapult your career | gratitude | empowerment | success | jessicafwalker.com


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