How to Use Gratitude to Improve Others Lives

Sometimes we forget the easy influence we have in the lives of those around us. Maybe we’re not even that aware of the influence. We live in a society that values mean spirited observations as humor without taking into account the feelings those observations are about. Or even worse, we know we’re laughing at others when they’re not laughing with us.

There is a lot of talk recently about sensitivity training, and how kids these days are too coddled, too aware of their feelings; That they need to “man up”, grow stronger, develop a thicker skin in order to survive. And maybe this is true. Maybe our younger generations have become too sensitive. Or maybe they’ve realized that being mean for the sake of humor is no longer acceptable. Maybe they’ve found their safe space and are using it to advocate for themselves.

How to use gratitude to improve others lives |

You can use your safe space to advocate for those who can’t do it for themselves. When we acknowledge other people in a place of need, whether that need is homelessness or crossing the street, we have an opportunity to address it. Sometimes it just donating a few dollars to a local shelter, but sometimes its literally helping a person cross the street. When you shine your light on others, they start to reflect it themselves. We want to help others because we have been helped. Remember Pay it Forward? Same concept here, except hopefully we can avoid the tragic ending.

Gratitude training, or the practice of gratitude is a journey. It is not a destination.

When we have the opportunity to tell someone about gratitude training or the practice, we should. We should talk about how it’s changed our  outlook on life, how things in life now seem achievable, beautiful, funny, wondrous, cherished, and cravings for more or better are lessened because we’re not spending so much time looking to the future. Today, I love this chair. Today, I love the view from my window. Today, your smile made me smile, and I love it. Today, I got to share a moment with you in the car on the way to the store, and it was magical.

Words mean things, people. So does the intention behind them. So the next time you call your friend a bitch, just remember you’ve had a chance to build her up, and chose to speak poorly of someone you care about instead.

We are attracted to the idea that life can be better than what it has been. People want to believe there is “more to life than just this.” Maybe you’ve heard about gratitude training and that’s why you’re here today. But here is the secret, if it is a secret.

Life is exactly this, and our reaction to it is what makes it worth living. The choices we make, and the thoughts we think and say out loud directly affect the quality of our lives.  

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Thank you for being here today.


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