Practicing Gratitude Within

Thank you for joining me on post six of this seven part series on gratitude. If you’ve missed the previous entries regarding this subject you can click here for the list or check the ribbon above where it says Gratitude. Today we’re going to talk about practicing gratitude within.


We’ve gone over the transformative experience practicing gratitude can make, so now let’s talk about some ways to practice gratitude for ourselves.

In an effort to keep it simple, I’ve created this very lovely and pinnable graphic below with some ideas, and you can share it if you feel like it’s helpful. For me, whenever I start feeling my thoughts spiraling towards Negative Alley, I catch myself and think, “What are three things I’m grateful for, right now?

practicing gratitude within |

The answers can be as simple or complicated as you care.

Sometimes I’m grateful to breathe, for my dog, and that the sun didn’t blind me on the way home from work. Other times I’m grateful I got to talk to a friend, or buy a cute outfit, or that I got into a leadership program. When things are hard, it’s hard to remember the good things, but that is what is so empowering about this practice; when you have a place of gratitude to guide your thoughts, the hard stuff doesn’t seem so bad.

You should also seek the great and good when things are good. Remember the wonder and joy of the moment.

I also recommend keeping a journal. Writing down your practice helps reinforce it so it’s easier to continue. Pick a time once or twice a day (morning or night or both) and just write down three things you’re grateful for, or three things that made you smile. If you come up with more, that’s okay. Its great! If you come up with only one thing, that’s okay too. We’re all starting from our own place of growth and that should always be acknowledged.

Eight Practices of Gratitude |

We have one more entry left in this seven part series and I hope you’ll join me for it. Thank you for reading this blog post and being apart of this universe. If you feel like this series has been helpful, share in the comments and make sure you join the email list. A big announcement is coming very soon! Don’t miss out!

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