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I am very big on gratitude. Gratitude is a lot like love. We all need it. There is never enough. It makes life worth living.

Below is a list to the series I recently completed on gratitude. If you would like to know more about gratitude, please consider my FREE 21 day course on Gratitude Training. Inside you’ll find weekly topics, podcasts, Ted Talks, and worksheets to help you begin your Gratitude practice. 

It really is a practice, like math, or medicine, or yoga. If you don’t practice these things daily, you skill and ability starts to diminish. When we keep up the practice of gratitude, everything changes. The world reflects our sense of wonder, and grace. My challenge to you is to always find at least three things you’re grateful for every day. But if you would like a more in depth experience, please sign up for my FREE 21 day e-course on Gratitude Training.

If you are surrounded by toxic people, or if you think you might be a toxic person, consider practicing. It is simple, it only takes a few minutes each day, but it is incredibly powerful. This course takes you through three levels; one for each week.

Week one is focused on the past. Things we have been grateful for.

Week Two focuses on the present. Things we are grateful for, right now.

Week three, focuses on the future, and the law of attraction. When you put energy into the universe, it sends it back. If you are always worried, you are always stressed. But if you can take time to be grateful, each day, you’ll start to realize that that your worries, while relevant, are not so stressful. Its about taking your life back, and sharing it with others. I hope you’ll join me on your journey into Gratitude Training.

Here is the blog series I recently posted regarding gratitude. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for being here today.

What is Gratitude?

Why is Being Grateful Important?

How can Gratitude Improve Your Life?

How to use Gratitude to Improve Others Lives

Practicing Gratitude on a Large Scale

Practicing Gratitude Within

Create a Plan to Practice Gratitude Every Day


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