You’re ready to invest yourself and your job search.

Not only do you need a classy AF resume, but you need the resume website to go with it. I got you covered with the Resume Website Package. We’re going to create some magic here and employers will be falling over themselves to hire you first.

You’ll get the Resume Creation Package (a PDF and plain word file of a resume to pass out to employers for job search purposes), PLUS you’ll also get a custom designed resume website that showcases your very best and most valuable assets.

Why is a resume website an important addition to your job search? Check out this post here.

Ultimately, letting employers see a fuller picture of you, your skill set, and your ambitions is never a bad thing. Getting all of that through a resume (that they’re only going to spend six seconds looking at), and a cover letter is how we used to do things. Welcome to 2017. You need a resume website.

We’ll make sure these six points are optimized in your Resume Website Package:

  • design
  • grammar
  • spelling
  • general flow
  • keywords
  • content quality

Now, this Resume Website Package can be maintained by Millennial Life Skills Coaching, or you can choose to maintain yourself. The price listed covers the first year of service. To continue the Resume Website Package hosted by Millennial Life Skills Coaching beyond the first year, there will be a yearly fee that can be charged monthly*.

Control how the internet perceives you, and the information that speaks volumes of your character, work ethic, and ambition.

*Please read disclaimer policy for full terms and conditions.

This service is no longer available.


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