You know your resume is not so good, or you don’t have one at all.

You need a resume that stands out and catches the eye of your new employer. Everyone’s resume is made by the same program – word. It has the same boring font. Your resume isn’t filled out. Your resume is three pages long, but you’ve only had 4 real jobs.

If any of those sound like you, you need to purchase this Resume Creation Package and let someone who has made over 1200 resumes in her career help you. Together we’re going to figure out what needs to be built up, what needs to needs to be cut out, and come up with a design that represents your style and your industry.

All you have to do is make the purchase,fill out a form that tells me the important things about your employment history, and what kind of job you’re looking to get.  I’ll use that information to make you a beautiful resume, optimized to enchant hiring managers everywhere.

Your new resume is going to be GORGEOUS. I’ll make sure the six key points are optimized for the highest engagement from employers, while still maintaining your personality and charm.

These six points are:

  • design
  • grammar
  • spelling
  • general flow
  • keywords
  • content quality

You’ll also get two edits in case I missed something, or you would like to see a bigger focus on one of your characteristics.

The Resume Creation Package includes:

  • One Page Resume with all the details that will make you stand out and win you the interview.
  • 2 edits, just in case I missed something, or you’d like to make an adjustment. (additional edits are $15 each.)
  • A plain word document resume. Highly functional for applications programs.
  • The Resume Creation Package has a 5 day turn around time, from confirmation of receiving the form you will fill out with your employment history.

Check out these beautiful examples:


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