Your resume looks pretty good, but its not getting you an interview!

Without an interview, there’s no job! Let me take a look at it, and I’ll tell you how you can optimize it for your job search. Is it too short? Too long? Purchase the Resume Audit Package, and know that after creating 1200+ resumes in my career, you’ll receive incredibly valuable feedback to improve the quality and return on your resume.

It’s okay to ask for help, to get professional feedback on your resume. Making resumes is kind of my superpower.

When you purchase the Resume Audit Package, you’ll forward me the copy you’re sending out to employers and I’ll start making notes.

I’ll go over these 6 key points:

  • design
  • grammar
  • spelling
  • general flow
  • keywords
  • content quality

You’ll receive feedback within 72 hours of the confirmation of receiving your resume, with changes you can make that are easy to understand, implement, and will add incredible value to your current resume.



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