Less than a year ago, I had no idea what I was doing with Pinterest.



I’d look at the experts telling me how to blog, and create my online business and wonder how they got to where they were. How they were teaching such valuable information, living such wonderful lives, and achieving what seemed like sale after sale after sale.

But then one day, I decided to stop looking at all those leaders… and become one myself.

At the time, I was struggling with my niche, and building traffic to my site. I felt stuck. Like I wouldn’t be able to reach those lofty goals of being financially independent.

But then things changed.

I found my stride, yo.

And I developed my own powerful techniques to get ahead.

And doing so has helped me in numerous ways, like getting lots of web traffic, even on days I didn’t spend hours promoting a post in Facebook groups. That web traffic brought in sales. And I started to breathe a little easier. Because my techniques were actually working.

But I don’t want to keep this knowledge inside. I want others to know the sweet relief of getting your first sale, and then your second.

So I wrote it all down, and you can

it here.


What is Pinteresting Business all about?


Pinteresting Business is an E-book compiling the very best techniques to get more web traffic to your site, create pins and content that go viral, so you can get your first sale, or grow your email list.

Using the strategies I teach in Pinteresting Business, I was personally able to make my own blog posts go viral, and I even generated my first sale through Pinterest. Knowing how to effectively use Pinterest for business has changed my life.

And now, I’m showing you how to do it too.

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Plus, I’m including my bonus report on how I created my first viral pin, which includes a step by step guide for replicating my process.

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When you buy Pinteresting Business you’ll learn things like:


  • Rich Pins and how to set them up
  • Optimizing pins to create curiosity
  • Image Size to attract readers
  • Creating viral content to provide value
  • Scheduling pins v. manually pinning – which is better
  • How to find Group Boards – and why you NEED them


Pinteresting Business covers everything it’s taken me months to learn on my own. If you implement these steps, you will start seeing your traffic from Pinterest spike, and your visitors will become your fans.

Here’s my success using the strategies inside Pinteresting Business

  • I grew my Pinterest followers from just under 600 to over 2,000 in just a few months. adding dozens every day!
  • Over 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest
  • I don’t just have several pins going viral, I have blog posts going viral too!
  • Over 70% of my sales (direct and affiliate) have started with a pin on Pinterest.


Click here to Buy Pinteresting Business now for just $2.49! 

$2.49 – Buy

When the clock runs out, the price goes back to $4.99. This is one time offer only!


A common question I’ve received about Pinteresting Business:

Could I just find this information for free online?

Well, you can find almost anything online these days. But does that mean it’s legitimate and helpful? Much of the free stuff you find online is simply unhelpful, but most people don’t know what to look for when trying to find real, actionable advice.

I can tell you that with my 8 years of blogging, it wasn’t until I really organized all the information out there and started testing it for myself, that I was able to see whether it works or not. Purchasing Pinteresting Business will save you countless hours of testing, google searches, and YouTube Videos.

At the end of the day, my aim is to make growing your web traffic and making money through Pinterest more attainable and enjoyable for you. I wholeheartedly believe that Pinteresting Business will get you there faster and more effectively.


Use Pinteresting Business to make sales on your blog or website

The day I checked my ShareASale dashboard and I saw there was money waiting there for me, was one of the greatest days of my life. It meant that my hard work was working. I went through my process alone and it was hard, but I’m so glad I was able to create a strategy that worked for me. And I know that if it worked for me, it can work for you.

Aren’t you ready to know what that’s like? Can you imagine waking up in the morning, knowing your blog or business is getting the traffic it deserves? Are you ready to change the course of your blog by making Pinterest work for your business?

If you were like me, you’ve read dozens of posts about how to use Pinterest, and they all said the same thing:. Pin multiple times. Use a scheduler. Make it pretty. They never tell how to get the traffic you’re actually looking for though. And it frustrated you to no end. Maybe some of your pins have gotten some traction, but most of them just sit there ignored and you can’t figure out why.

Pinteresting Business doesn’t just help you get viral pins – it helps you get traffic.

So what will you choose?

This comprehensive strategy that will teach you how to optimize your business for Pinterest?

Or another 6-12 months of trying to figure it out for yourself and making a mess in the process?

$2.49 – Buy
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When the clock runs out, the price goes back to $4.99. This is one time offer only! Time is going fast!


Pinteresting Business E-book, Pinterest, how to use pinterest, pinterest for business, how to get web traffic using pinterest, how to make a viral pin, jessicafwalker.com

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