Budgeting For the Holidays

Budgeting for the Holidays | jessicafwalker | christmas shopping | cheap date ideas | presents | subscription box | gifts | xmas | thanksgiving | new years | gratitude | empowerment | success

Thanksgiving is coming this week, and Christmas isn’t too far behind. For most Americans, we do more shopping during the next six weeks than we do all year. We buy presents for our family and friends. We donate money to charity. We eat out more, we celebrate more, and we willfully decide not to confront how bad it’s gotten until January when the bills start rolling in. Budgeting for the holidays gets put to the side.We just spend and spend, and hope the damage isn’t too bad.

But maybe you’ve been spending time on fixing your credit this year and you don’t want to go overboard this time around. Or maybe you just know you simply can’t afford to do that this year, but you don’t know how to control the spending. If you’ve decided, for whatever reason, that building up that credit card debt just isn’t want you want planned this year, here are some great blog posts curated to help you start budgeting for the holidays.

But first, before we begin is to START EARLY. The week before Thanksgiving is not enough time.

Especially if you have kids, or a large family. The earlier you can start saving, the better. With that said, here are the best blog posts to help you start budgeting for the holidays.

  1. Free seasonable budget printable
    FREE printable - Holiday Budget sheet. SO neat!! Great idea!:
  2. 100 days of DIY debt free christmas ideas
    Visit our 100 Days of Debt Free DIY Holiday Ideas for more recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, homemade gift ideas holiday budget tips and much more! 100 Days of Christmas Cheer that won't break the bank!:
  3. Christmas Gift plan printable
    When the holidays come around, it seems there is so much to try to…:
  4. The Ultimate Christmas Planning Printables
    Printable Holiday Planner- Free 2016 printable holiday planner for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plan now so you can have less stress and more joy this holiday season.:
  5. 51 Christmas Gifts in a Jar (and on a budget)
    So Cheap!! I'm gonna love this site!MK handbags outlet discount site!!Check it out!! it is so cool. Only $39:
  6. How to Host your holiday dinner on a budget (food is not gluten free)
    There's no need to stress about the cost of hosting your holiday meal with these 5 tips for how to host your holiday dinner on a budget.:
  7. Cheap Stocking Stuffers (under $5 dollars)
    Fantastic list of stocking stuffer ideas! Cheap Stocking Stuffers $5 And Under for any age!:
  8. Handmade Holiday Sugar scrubs (buy in bulk! Save your dollars!)
    Oily Gifts | Handmade Holiday: Sugar Scrubs:
  9. 10 Christmas Time Dates that cost $0.00
    10 Christmas time dates that you and your sweetie can enjoy without spending a dime--because dating can and should fit even in the tightest of budgets.:
  10. The 4 gift Rule
    How to have a good christmas on a budget, and avoid excess:


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Budgeting for the Holidays | jessicafwalker | christmas shopping | cheap date ideas | presents | subscription box | gifts | xmas | thanksgiving | new years | gratitude | empowerment | success

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