Are you getting ready to Christmas shop this year, and are struggling on what to get for your spouse, or parents? Maybe you want to pamper one of your friends who just had a child, and need reminding to take care of herself. Luckily for you, Here are 11 of the Best Subscription Boxes this Christmas.

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With subscription boxes, you have the choice to buy a one month option, or often you can buy them in three, six, or twelve month packages. Each one will be delivered as they ship. It’s convenient, and always fun to get a surprise box full of goodies. They’re always filled with things you never knew you always wanted. My favorites for myself include, Love with Food, Ipsy, and Woven Pear. If you haven’t heard of these yet, that’s okay! They’re on the list, and I can’t wait to share them with you! You get to pick and choose how it fits into your budget. If you choose several month packages, they will often bill you once, so you don’t have to find out how to slip it in your budget until June.

Woven Pear

Woven Pear is probably my favorite place on this whole list, which is telling. Here’s their deal: Socks. Yes, socks. Not just socks. The cutest, most comfortable and adorably cute socks you’ve ever seen. The socks Dobby dreams of, even as he holds the one that set him free. These are those socks. And you can get them every month for the rest of your life. I mean, you can set your person up for 3 months of the most extraordinary socks. If you have a person who has a particular habit of mismatching their socks, this is for them. (Which is to say, when they were coming up with their ideal client, they were thinking of me.)


Amazon Prime

First up, we have Amazon Prime. We all know Amazon. We love it and we use it. And who doesn’t love free 2-day shipping? Hundreds of movies, thousands of songs, and countless books. If your person you want to shop for loves EVERYTHING, Amazon prime is probably the best gift you can get. Because it makes EVERYTHING on Amazon so much more accessible! Awesome for kids with their Kindles!

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Emma & Chloe accessories

Emma and Chloe offer a great subscription box for those who are really into beautiful, clever, and classic pieces of jewelry. Your fashion forward friend will love it. Your friend who wants to update their style, but is unsure where to start will love it too. The pieces are feminine, and pretty. They’re pretty. I was scrolling through their site, and decided that I couldn’t decide because I wanted all the things. If someone got me this box, I would get a new piece once, or several times and I just can’t tell you how exciting that would be!


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Causebox is unique because 1) it is a quarterly curated collection, and 2) all the items in it support fair-trade, and smaller businesses in countries that are still experiencing severe delays in development and industrialism. Every box that is purchased is filled with awesome, hand made beautiful gifts, treasures, and delightful delicacies. If you have a more social improvement minded person on your list this Christmas, consider a CauseBox.

 CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters

Smart Art

Next up on 11 of the Best Subscription Boxes this Christmas is Smart Art. I recently started arting a lot. I don’t have a whole lot of skill, and it’s not likely that I ever will. But I love experimenting with new styles, and mediums. Every month a new set of tools or creations arrive. You can literally create whatever your mind can conceive. It’s like magic. Your lover probably wants to experiment too. Get this box, and you can experiment together. #wink

Smart Art Box



Ipsy is the original makeup subscription box, and by far the most inexpensive on the list. If you want to do something, but you can’t do much, this is the subscription box for you. For $10 a month, your person will get a cute makeup bag, and several fun things like moisturizers, blushes, eyeshadows, primers, and always at least one full sized item. The total value of these bags are often $30 or more.

Do you have one of those people in your life who just cannot put their book down? Or even worse, the ones who go through them so fast, they’re wallet can’t keep up? I know those people. Hell, I am totally those people. With Bookcase.Club you can help your person feed their addiction with reasonably priced subscription book boxes that will keep them occupied until your subscription ends, or they get their own.



Okay, so your person isn’t into jewelry or makeup or books. How about sports gear? FanChest is rooting for your team, and your person’s team, and um… Go Sports! Supporting the team is always a safe and fun gift to get a die hard sport teams fan. They got you covered with the most popular teams from Football, Baseball, and Hockey. If the team you’re looking for isn’t there, they will customize a FanChest just for you (for a price.)

Ecocentric Mom

I don’t know about you, but I can think about about 6 moms who could use a break, or who are always looking for a thing that’s safer than the other thing. Or maybe they just need a break. Ecocentric Mom is awesome with the different subscription boxes they have. They’re specifically curated for pregnancy, mom and baby, and just being a woman who is also a mother. Tell me one mom who couldn’t use a little bit of a surprise gift box?

Ecocentric Mom box

Love with Food

This is the only food option on here. I am very sensitive about food. I don’t eat carbs anymore, but if I did, I’d want them to be carefully curated by the people behind Love with Food. First of all, for every box bought, a donation is made to a food bank. But more importantly, their Gluten Free Box is full of only Certified Gluten Free items. The ones that pass an actual test. For someone who struggles with severe gluten intolerance, knowing that my food isn’t going to make me sick is the most powerful thing for me. And knowing that you would choose to show me Love with Food would make me feel very grateful, indeed. (They also have an organic option.)

Get the Love With Food Black Friday Deal!


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And here we are, option number 11. If somehow your person or persons did not fall into any of the above categories, then this is your mark. (Unless they are’ underage. Lets keep it legal around here.) Wine never goes out of style. It always goes great with a meal, with company, a good book, or a long bubble bath. With Winc, you are saving lots of dollars by purchasing four wines at a time. They have all sorts of plans and you should explore them. And then purchase it immediately. For yourself, or for someone else, is irrelevant. Also make sure you live in a state that allows for the personal shipment of alcohol. Not all of them do. (Alaska doesn’t, I’m sad to report.)

 Winc $20 Off Your First Order



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