5 Easy Ways to Get Your First Job

5 Easy Ways to Get Your First Job

How Do I Find My First Job?

If you’re a beginner job searcher, this book is a comprehensive guide on how to find your first job. It is a culmination of my experience as a employment specialist, I have used these strategies hundreds of times with my clients to land them their first jobs.

Job searching takes consistency, and it takes time. Some people can walk right into jobs, which is awesome, but for the rest of us, we need to have a smokin’ resume, interpersonal skills, and dedication to actually job searching.


Finding jobs online is pretty much the gold standard these days. Whether you use Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn or Monster, chances are your first step at job searching was getting online.  But when you’re looking for a first or second job, it’s more important to have experience than several letters at the end of your name. Why? Because experience will almost always trump theory. People want to know that you’re capable. And capability comes with experience. Still, the first job search can be scary. I break down the concept of how to reach out to employers, build your network, and to beef up your poor poor resume in 5 Easy Ways To Get A Job For First Time Job Seekers.

If this sounds like you, then read on!

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How to reach out to employers:

You’ve spent all this time getting your resume in tip top shape, but no one is looking at it. Things to check: is it making it through the ATS program? Does your resume have any spelling errors or incorrect contact information? And finally, did you put a copy directly in the hands of your hiring manager?

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This isn’t always possible, but when you’re job searching it always helps to put yourself ahead of the crowd. Go to the place you want to work and ask for the hiring manager. Bring a copy of your resume. Introduce yourself, explain you’ve recently applied and give them the copy of your resume. Tell them you enjoy the work space and hope to hear from them soon. Reach out to shake their hand before you leave.


How to Build your Network:

If you’re looking for your very first job, you’ll soon learn that often it is who you know that gets you in the door. If you feel like you don’t know anyone, then it’s time to build your network.


I recommend starting with your current circle. Who do you know? Parents? Teachers? Friends? Good. Who do they know? Ask your people to introduce you to other people. It is an invaluable skill to have. When you introduce yourself to the person your friend/teacher/parent referred you, give a “elevator pitch” about who you are, and what you’re looking to do. Maybe you’re a recent graduate getting started in sales, or heading off to college for your bachelors and want to work with eco-friendly tourism companies during the summer. If they can’t help you, there’s a chance they know someone who can.


How to Beef Up your Entry Level Resume:

One of my favorite ways to do this is written about in the book. My next favorite way is to really examine your life. You didn’t get to your age just to know nothing. Soft skills are less important later in your career, but pretty much everything in the beginning. So mine your personal history and beef it up.

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If you play sports, you have teamwork skills. If you love math, you can easily reconcile a till. Counting money is an incredibly important skill. Do you like to bake (and your food is actually good!)? Then you know how to follow directions. If you’re involved in any extracurriculars, have regular chores, or volunteer, these are all things you can include on your resume, and they’ll impress employers because it shows you’re making an effort to be a highly functioning adult.

To learn all the 5 easy ways to get your first job, pick up the book below.


Purchase The Kindle Version On Amazon:

5 easy ways to get a job for first time jobseekers, how to find a job, first job, job searching, job hunting, millennial life skills, career development, job searching online, how to build your network, getting hired with no experience, jessicafwalker.com, gratitude | empowerment | success

5 easy ways to get a job for first time jobseekers, how to find a job, job searching, job hunting, millennial life skills, career development, job searching online, how to build your network, getting hired with no experience, jessicafwalker.com, gratitude | empowerment | success
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The Best Jobs for Teenagers

The Best Jobs for Teenagers

Best jobs for teenagers, best teen jobs, best first job for a teen, good job for kid, how to start a blog when your 15, how do i job search, do I need to be 18 to get a job, best websites for teen job hunt, best sites for teen job search, jessicafwalker.com | gratitude | Empowement | SuccessWhat is the best job for teenagers?

The best job for teenagers is the one that doesn’t disrupt their school work. Whether that’s working at McDonald’s, your dad’s auto shop, or even doing volunteer work, where you’re building your network and skillset before you start socking money away.

Best jobs for teenagers, best teen jobs, best first job for a teen, good job for kid, how to start a blog when your 15, how do i job search, do I need to be 18 to get a job, best websites for teen job hunt, best sites for teen job search, jessicafwalker.com | gratitude | Empowement | Success

Best Jobs for Teenagers – Pin for Later – via jessicafwalker.com

Individual states have different rules about what age a teenager can start working, the hours they’re allowed and how much they can get paid. You’ll want to check with your local labor and wage office to see what the laws are where you live.

I don’t think there is any one job that is the best for teenagers. You’re still an individual and what’s right for you might not be right for someone else. You’re also young enough that if you work at several different jobs for a short amount of time, it’s okay.

Really focus on deciding what you’re interested in.

Do you want to talk to people all day? Do you want to be left alone while you work? Do you need a high level of supervision? Do you want to start your own business? Do you like working with kids? It really just depends.

If you’re ready to start your first  job search, I recommend signing up for the free six day job search challenge. It’s going to take you step by step through all the important parts of job searching like interviews, resumes, applications, and more. Job searching is one of those things that adults assume you should know how to do, but it’s actually a skill that you develop over time. So if you haven’t looked before, then knowing where to start is basically impossible.

This Job Challenge fixes that. For six days, you will learn:

  • How to create a beautiful resume
  • Important things to consider when filling out applications
  • Where to find online job postings (pro tip: stay away from Craigslist if you can)
  • What to say during your interview (and what to do after)
  • How to address potential barriers to employment (like age, lack of experience, criminal background etc.)
  • Plus more!

Click here to sign up!


Places to find jobs for Teenagers:



This website is great for those entry level type positions which are great jobs for teenagers. You’ll find a lot of fast food gigs, retail gigs, and military recruitment ads here. When you sign up for your account make sure you uncheck the boxes that allow partners to contact you, or you’ll be flooded with spammy emails.



Zip Recruiter is a RSS feed of jobs from company websites as well as other job search websites. There are a lot of opportunities here, but it is sometimes a little hard to search through. 


Start your own gig

Like I mentioned before, sometimes the best way to find jobs for teenagers and get started with making money is to find odd jobs around your neighborhood. Take some time, identify what you could do, and if there is a gap in the services available. Do your neighbors complain about walking dogs, cleaning up after their pets, or mowing their lawns? Are there a lot of elderly people in the area who need assistance with groceries or cooking or other household chores? Any parents who need a night off and a reliable babysitter? You can create flyers and post them to doors, hang them on community posters in stores. You can reach out to your parents friends, and see if they have any work for you.


If you’re particularly enterprising, you could start a blog or an online store. It takes a lot of hard work, but depending on your niche, it could be very lucrative.

You can include these kinds of gigs on your resume because they show that you’re responsible, and motivated to work. Those things matter a whole lot more than actual skillsets in the beginning. Anyone can work a cash register. The real skill is showing up when you’re scheduled to work.


What was your first job as a teenager? Tell me in the comments!



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The Ultimate List of Free Career and Personal Development Resources

The Ultimate List of Free Career and Personal Development Resources

I love a good round up post, especially when they’re related to things I love. Like Career Development. Self care. Entrepreneurship. And Personal Development. Awesome! Sometimes you’re looking for something to… help you out. But you’re not sure what. Well, this list has some great options on it. These were sourced from one of my favorite Facebook Groups called Online Business BFFs. I’ve signed up for a lot of them (and even created a few of them!)


These challenges, courses, and resources are from the best of the best right here for you. I hope you enjoy. If you know of any amazing free resources that would be great here, feel free to link to them in the comments!


Of course, I have a few courses for you to sign up for if you’re interested.

Job Search Challenge

Blogging 101

Coming soon- Open your Dropship Shopify store in less than 14 days


Career Development



Take this free 7-day e-course and develop a sustainable side hustle. This is will help you figure out which side hustle you want to pursue, how to market yourself, find clients on autopilot, and build a personal branding.



It’s Not You, It’s Me: A Job Analysis Course

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Say Exactly This to get a Raise this Week

Start the pay raise conversation with confidence when meeting with your manager using these opening lines SCRIPTS.

Grant Writing Challenge

Join a free email challenge for grant writers (or those who want to be), non-profit staff, board members, and volunteers: 5 Days to Better Grant Readiness

Free Career Resources

‘Free Resources’ page to house all of my best career and job search resources. I’ve currently stocked the page with four professionally designed resume template packages and a cover letter example–with much more to come!


6 Day Job Search Challenge: If you’re just starting to look for a job, you need to take this challenge. It’ll help you organize your resume, optimize your applications, teach you to be a strong interviewer, and more. In six days, you could be on the way to your new job!




Balance Your Chakras

Free 35 page chakra balancing workbook

International Womens Day Affirmation Cards

A set of 12 free inspiring affirmation cards for female entrepreneurs to use in the home or office for a daily dose of motivation!. If you are a female entrepreneur who loves a bit of inspiration each day, then these are for you!


Free Printable

Free inspirational printable

Food Mood and Health Journal

If you are trying to kickstart your healthy eating goals, one of the best things that works for my clients is to keep track. I make it really simple, and fun with my Food Mood and Health Journal.

Free Pilates Foundations Course

I’m offering a Free Pilate Foundations Course (which is usually $65!) This is essential for Pilates beginners and excellent as a refresher for the seasoned pro.

Self Care Resource Library

Lots of free resources in the library, all centering around self care and confidence. My latest (and favourite) is my guide to 50+ resources to practice self care!

Resource Library

Resource library which includes planners and stickers for organization, a coloring book for relaxation, and other printable downloadables for fun.

14 Life Detox Challenge

I have a free challenge designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are busy and sedentary. if you are always sitting and feel overall stiff, and unhealthy.. I have a 14 days challenge for you! The lifestyle detox challenge will take you from sedentary to fit by cleansing your mindset, nutrition and fitness.

FREE motivational pack

FREE motivational pack which includes

A printable quote for every day of the week

A flow chart to see if you are motivating yourself the right way

A simple TO DO list of things to get your butt moving TODAY

And just been added is a lovely watercolour BOOKMARK printable with a motivational quote on it.




47-Point Homepage Checklist

There’s no point driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert browsers into leads, and then customers. Yet 80% of sites fail to generate an ROI. 🙁 Which is exactly why I created this free 47-Point Homepage Checklist


Resource Library for Creative Entrepreneurs

BackStage PASS to my AWESOME Library for the NEW online Creative Entrepreneur


Business Basics for the Self-Employed

Free email course on the basics of business finance for self-employed folks. If you’re struggling to understand tracking your income and expenses and what financial tasks you need to so for your biz- this is for you!

Kickstart Your Writing Career

Looking for guides and templates to help you in business? Sign up here.

Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

Sign up for Ed Troxell’s Weekly and get access to my free resource library. Bonus: you get the ultimate toolkit for entrepreneurs.

Join the Book Club

FREE book club for 2017 where we read 12 books in the genre of business psychology/productivity.

FREE Stock Photos!

This is a place where you can get access within moments to hundreds of free styled stock photos. What makes this stock photo library unique is that all of our photos are member influenced and curated.

Ultimate list of career and personal development resources, job searching, self love, gratitude, entrepreneurship, empowerment, success, jessicafwalker.com

EBook: Digital Nomad Secrets

I have recently put together an eBook called “Digital Nomad Secrets”  for  people wanting to travel whilst working, whether that’s the odd holiday with their family, or travel 24/7. My book gives them the tools to get going.

Questions to ask before turning your side hustle into a full time job

6 questions to ask yourself before turning your side hustle into a full time




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Achieve 100 Goals This Year

How will the 100 Goals for the Year Exercise help me achieve my bucket list? This free planner (in our goal setting tools & resources library) AUTOMATICALLY tracks your progress towards all your goals, big or small, and shows you where you should focus your attention for the future. Effectively turning a bucket list into an ACTION list!


Soul Sister Squad Resource Library

For all of the soul searching women looking to become their most radiant self, I have a free library full of practical tools and inspiration for heart-centered living! 🙂


Time Management Guide

Become your most productive self with my FREE time management guide

Get UnStuck

Do you feel stuck? Are you living your life or someone else’s? If you are ready to stop listening to the voices of your peanut gallery and start trusting your inner voice, do I have the resource for you!


Find your Voice Webinar

Own Your Voice and Love Your Life! A free 30 minute webinar where I walk you through a step by step process to begin to tune in and listen to your inner voice.


Learn to Paint Step by Step

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body and you want to know how an artist works, this digital painting eBook will highlight every step of painting an image. From the blank page to completion.

Free Printable for decluttering your Closet

Here’s my best trick to declutter and purge your closet, with 6 questions to help you create a wardrobe you love. Plus get your FREE printable closet decluttering guide to make the process easier!


7 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

Are you looking to start travelling more in 2017? My new eBook + actionable checklist will help you do just that! You can download “7 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel” for FREE 

Rock Your Routine

Rock Your Routine is a free 5-day house cleaning course for overwhelmed homemakers.


Free E-Book : The Backpackers Guide to Travelling in Luxury

Free 23 page e-book (the backpackers guide to travelling in luxury) – Various travel tips and tricks including: planning your trip, how to save big on accommodation, finding cheap airfares, top frequent flyer programs to join and much more!


Learn to Handletter for free!


Hey you guys!! Anyone wanting to learn hand lettering and modern calligraphy?

I’m teaching basic lettering techniques fo’ FREE!

If you’d like to learn, check out the link below. When you sign up, you get free lettering worksheets and you can request an invite to watch free lettering tutorial videos. Each week I do a different technique, letter or pen review. 🤗Hope to see some of you soon!


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7 tips for a beautiful authentic cover letter

7 tips for a beautiful authentic cover letter

Cover letters are the worst.

If you’re not comfortable tooting your own horn, writing a cover letter can be even worse than crafting a beautiful resume- telling your future employer why they should hire you is nerve wracking, uncomfortable, and generally goes against what we’re taught as children;  stay humble.

When you’re writing a cover letter, you have to show your employer (often in just a few sentences) why they should pick you instead of someone equally capable or more so than you. You have to mine your talents and skills and promote them in the biggest, brightest light. And that is not only something we’re taught not to do, but concurrently something we’re legitimately not to taught to do at all!

I’ve included a sample of a beautiful, authentic cover letter, but I want to give you seven tips to creating your own beautiful authentic cover letter. There is also a free checklist in the Millennial Life Skills Vault. Employers will respond a lot better to something you’ve written yourself. Something that sounds like you. If it sounds like me (a professional resume guru) or worse, MS Word, they’re going to throw it in the trash pile before they get to “sincerely,”.

Some things to point out in this cover letter:

I used this cover letter to get my current day job. I’ve changed some of the information because the world is a small, small place.


But I want to highlight these things:

I did not say which job I was applying for. If you’re emailing it in, you can include it in your subject line. If it’s an application, they know because of how it’s filed.

Instead of saying “You should hire because x,y,z” I stated some of my accomplishments, and lessons I’ve learned. I stated my employment history, and while I didn’t necessarily clarify how it would transfer into my new (potential) job, I think it’s clear that having the experience is transferable. Hiring managers are totes profesh at this; you don’t need to draw them a map. You’ll also noticed how I addressed a gap in employment without it sounding like a big deal.


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7 tips for you create a beautiful authentic cover letter:


One: Find out the hiring manager’s name

Dear sir/madam or to whom it may concern, is basically unacceptable. It shows you have done the least amount of effort in researching this position, and company. Find the correct name. You can start at their website, or by calling and asking for the hiring manager.


Two: List your qualities beforehand

Before you start writing make a list of 10 things that you do well. If you have a hard time coming up with a list, ask your coworkers, or supervisor. If you’re uncomfortable, refer to your most recent performance review.

Once you have this list, it’ll help you clarify the tone and illustrate your best qualities without sounding like a pedantic asshole.

Three: Employers want to see value

Illustrate a scenario where you clearly added value to the end result. You can use the list from above to get the juices flowing. Keep the story short and succinct but meaningful.


Four: Leadership

Talk about a time, project, or other example where you showed leadership, and maybe what it meant to you do have that opportunity.

If you have done it before, you can do it again. Showing this to the employer allows them to kind of build a common issue and apply your tactics to it to see how you fit into company culture.

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Five: Bring up the doubts and address them head on

If you feel like you lack enough education or experience for the position you’re applying for, bring it up and explain why it isn’t actually a problem. When you get ahead of the issue it shows that you’re taking ownership and responsibility. Sometimes we have gaps in employment or backgrounds that preclude us from meeting the minimum requirements. Use this opportunity to be creative about your other experience as a volunteer, in school, or how having your time off (or time in jail if that’s something you need to worry about) has helped you grow as a person.


Six: Ask for the interview and make sure you include your contact information

This is possibly one of the most awkward things to include, but you have to do it. No one wants to hire a passive employee. Passive doesn’t get the job done.


Seven: Proofread the stuffing out of it


Have someone else. Even as I was preparing my cover letter for you, I noticed a few errors. How embarrassing! I still got hired, but you should expect that if you even have a comma out of place, you won’t get hired.
You can build your cover letter in Word,  which has several of totally free options for templates.


Make sure you sign up for the Millennial Life Skills Vault which has the FREE Cover Letter Checklist, plus resume checklists, interview tips and more.

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How to Start a Savings Plan that Works for You (plus a free cheat sheet!)

How to Start a Savings Plan that Works for You (plus a free cheat sheet!)

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!

Saving is something we’re told to do, but find the process actually really hard. Starting a savings plan that works for you might seem impossible, but I’m here to show you a couple of tips to help get you started.

Saving money is something I’ve struggled with in the past. But I wanted to share with you what has really worked for me, and hope you’ll find it works for you too.

There are so many different ways to save these days. I’ve included a couple of infographics of different plans you could try, but saving money is only saving until you spend it. If you get through week one, or week twenty of your plan, you have to count each week as a success. But here’s the thing: you’re going to have to find some self discipline. These tips will only help you, if you stick to it, and don’t borrow from the savings at the first sign of trouble. For me, sticking my new savings plan has been relatively easy (though it hasn’t been in the past.)

Saving has been easy because I recently purchased an incredibly inexpensive plane ticket to Europe in fall of 2017. Upon that purchase, I knew that if I didn’t start saving now, I wouldn’t be able to afford my trip! But I had some major goals for 2017, and I knew I had to make everything work.

Yes, as of writing this post, we are only 4 months into 2017, but it’s a good time to check in, right?

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Apps for Saving

First, I set up an account at Acorns, where I stash away $5 bucks every week. It earns interest (potentially) and if nothing else, it’s a set it and forget it. Acorns can also roll up your change on your purchases (like putting away little acorns) and invest that as well. If you sign up through my link, you can open your account with $5 for FREE!

Before you know it, you’ve stashed $50 bucks away for the month! And I’ll bet you didn’t miss it! Currently saved:  $210.00  


Stash the Cash

I don’t go shopping much these days; usually once a week. While I’m at the store, I pull out an additional $10-20 dollars, and stash that somewhere in my house.  (Check out this really cool way to keep your dollars stashed.) Currently saved: $250.00

What a great way to save money... Wine bottle piggy bank. You have to break the bottle to get it...money goes in easy, but hard to get out!:

Savings Account

My day job is one where I get paid once a month. Some people hear that and think, “Oh hell no!” but for me, it’s a really good lesson in long term budgeting. I have to make my money stretch. But part of that is upon getting paid, immediately paying myself. It goes like this: Me, rent, electricity, phone, dog, internet, food, other bills. Those are the essentials, and anything left over is my play money for the month. But, if you get paid weekly or bi-weekly, chances are you also have the opportunity to work overtime. Anything you make, in addition to your regular paycheck should go straight into your savings accounts.

I even set up a second savings account that I can transfer money into, but never have to look at. Mine is through my main bank. Once a week or so, I log in and decide that I can probably put $10 bucks in to savings. You can even make automatic transfers. Ally Bank might be a good option for you if you’d like to set an account and forget it. Currently saved: $565.00

Side Hustles

And of course, I started a second job/business: Millennial Life Skills Coaching. Through this, I pay myself, and my debts. Having a side hustle is an excellent way to save money. If you can live on your first income, then your side hustle income can go straight to your savings account.  (#protip: Sign up to access the Millennial Life Skills Vault and access free resources to help you start a side hustle today!) Currently saved: $150.00


Tax refunds.

Filing your taxes is simple (usually) and can be incredibly lucrative if you keep your receipts,  or have a diagnosis for Celiac Disease (which I don’t. Boo!) because you can add that money to your savings. No, I am not a financial planner or professional tax person so make sure you get some real advice and real research before filing. But I recommend (if your budget allows) to save 10% for yourself, 60% to savings, and the rest to any debts you could pay down. Those could be student loans, car payments, or to the principal of your mortgage. Currently saved: $400.00

With theses little pieces, I’ve been able to save over $1000, even though I moved recently, and doubled my rent.  When I think back to how easy it was to start putting away a couple of dollars at a time, I wonder why I didn’t start sooner! It never felt like I was stealing from my future happiness or excitement. There are literally thousands of more ways to save but these are a really good place to start if you’re just figuring it out.


Learn from the Best

Saving money is a skill, not a talent. And if you don’t learn it, you won’t master it and make it work for you. Dave Ramsey has helped thousands of people learn how to budget their lives, save money and get out debt. Not just consumer debt, but big mortgage debts. It takes planning, dedication and know how. His book, The Total Money Makeover is a complete game changer, if you’re ready and willing to implement his key steps.


Sign up for the Millennial Life Skills Vault and get a free cheat sheet to help you start saving today. Plus, get access to information about how to start a side hustle, start a blog, and how to earn more money at your current job.


Did you start a savings plan? Do you need help deciding where to start?

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Why is my job search taking so long?

Why is my job search taking so long?

Why is my job search taking so long?

You’ve been putting out applications left and right. You’re not getting callbacks. Or you are, but it’s for positions you don’t want, or are over-qualified for. Why is your job search taking so long? There are a multitude of reasons this could be. You could be in a highly competitive city or field. Your city’s economy could just be very slow at the moment. Maybe you think you’re applying to a lot of jobs, but once or twice a week isn’t enough.

I remember every period I spend job searching. Especially in the beginning of my career, I would often go 4-5 months in between jobs. My mom and my friends (and my poor poor credit card) floated my living expenses while I job searched. It was hard. I either wasn’t finding the job I wanted, or was unqualified for the ones that were available. If I could find a potential listing, it was a temp job, or the market was too competitive for me to stick out.

Eventually I found a job. I took it out of necessity, not want. I worked it as long as I could until I was able to pay off some debt and start planning for my future employment change. Some of the best advice given to me was, “It is always easier to get hired if you already have a job. It shows immediately that you are employable and valuable enough to keep on payroll.”

If your job search is lagging, I suggest you do a self audit, and check the following:


Have a professional look at your resume.

If your issue is that you’re applying to jobs, but not even getting an interview, you need to check your resume, or redo it completely. In the Millennial Life Skills Vault, I have a free checklist to help you identify the 9 things you need to make sure your resume has.

But if you’ve updated it, and you’ve had others look at it and it’s still not getting you any interviews, then it might be time to check in with a professional for either an audit or a complete re-write.  

Resumes serve exactly one purpose: to get you the interview. There is just no way you can completely showcase all of your amazing skills, experience, talents, and personality on one or two pieces of paper.  But professional resume creators know how to highlight the most important skills, experience, and make your personality shine through so the reader is intrigued enough to talk with you in person.

Your day job should be applying for jobs, or building a marketable skill set.

If you’re currently unemployed, stressed about finding a job, then you need to make finding a job your job. But there are a lot of ways to do this; it’s not all sitting in front of a computer filling out application after tedious application.

The best way to build your skill set and network is through volunteering. Once you’ve built a rapport, you can ask those people if they can help you find a job, or drop your name to one of acquaintances.

There are a few marketable skills that will probably be useful in most jobs you’ll ever have. They are: sales, customer service, internet marketing, and programming/coding. If you’re not job searching, you should be doing everything you can to develop those skills.

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Side gig

The side gig is part of building your skills. If you’ve successively figured out how to sale, or market on the internet, or code, a side hustle will be easy to get started. Depending on your hustle, and your investment, you can create the opportunity to float your own income while you job search. If you’ve actually earned a livable wage from the income, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be included on your resume.

We are quickly moving into a gig economy. What that means for you is you have the opportunity to create for yourself an income that is entirely reliant on your ability to hustle. You’re usually an independent contractor, providing individual services for individual pay rates. You set your own hours, and your business either comes from word of mouth, organized companies, or companies that allows clients to find you (like rover.com.)


Job search challenge

Job searching is a life skill. It is not something you just wake up and know how to do. If you’re lucky, you had a lot of supportive adults in your life or school who taught you the basics of filling out a resume, an application, and how to act and dress on an interview.

But not all of us did.

Classes get cut.

Parents are too busy, or not around. Or worse, parents did all the work for you instead of teaching you how.

Or maybe it’s just been a while and you need a refresher.

If you want to take a more hands on approach, get in depth about your job search and really build some momentum in your job search, consider signing up for my Job Search Challenge.

Everyday for six days, we’re going in-depth on a topic related to the job search. Resumes, applications, where to find jobs, interviews, and more. At the end of this challenge you will be empowered to confidently reach out to employers and explain why you are the best case scenario.

The Job Search Challenge also allows you access to the Millennial Life Skills Vault which has a resource library. it includes information about resumes, interview tips, side hustles, and so much more related to supporting your career. This challenge will help you get ahead in your job search experience and develop an incredibly important life skill.

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Now I want to know: What do you think is the hardest part about job searching?

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