How to increase traffic using Instagram Hashtags

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!

I got this question the other day in the email. A reader wanted to know:

“How can I get more traffic from Instagram? I see all these bloggers with thousands of followers… help!” 

Well, the answer in a word, is Tailwind.

Tailwind is this incredible app that I signed up for a couple of months ago to help me with my Pinterest. But today, we’re talking about how their new features are going to upend the Instagram game. If you’re interested in learning how Tailwind can change your Pinterest game and why it is the most essential tool in your blogging tool box, click here (coming soon!).


Introducing Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder
Now, you’ve probably already figured this out, but you can’t auto post photos to Instagram. It is by far the lamest part of the whole app. But, you can schedule them before hand, which is where Tailwind comes in.

How to Use Tailwind for Instagram

First Tailwind lets you set up your schedule. Pick your photo, add your description, and then pick your hashtags.

Hashtags are how people find your photos. No tags, no visits, no likes. You can have up to 30 of them but you want to make sure you use them judiciously. There are a lot of changes happening on Instagram and you might have heard rumors of some sort of “shadowban”. Really, its just Instagram putting everyone in an A/B testing scheme to test engagement. Organic traffic is always preferred but people have to find you, right? And on Instagram, they find you through well placed hashtags.

Tailwind makes finding and choosing your hashtags easier than ever. Instead of loading each photo up, you can check to see which ones will work best for you. Check out this video:

If you’re ready to sign up for Tailwind, you can do it here. You’ll get a 30 day free trial which will allow you to schedule up to 100 photos. If you're using Pinterest, you can get a free trial of that. I cannot live without Pinterest.

So why Tailwind and not some other Instagram scheduler?

Yes, there are other Instagram schedulers out there, but not all of them are actually partnered with Instagram. Using them could be against the terms of service and get your account blocked. You’ll be happy to know that Tailwind is an official partner. So if you sign up with them, you’ll never have to worry about that.

Plus Tailwind is incredibly easy to use with both Adobe Spark and Canva. You'll be getting your Instagram feed all organized and pretty right from your phone.  Cool, right?


How do you schedule your Instagram posts?

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#SideHustleSeries: How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Grow your Business

#SideHustleSeries: How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Grow your Business

Welcome Lisa from Genuine! She’s joining us today to talk about how she was able to combine her love of essential oils into her yoga practice and start a side hustle as well.

Hi! Who are you?

My name is Lisa Machac, and I’m a freelance writer, blogger, and musician from Austin, Texas.

What is your side hustle, and where can we find it?

I’m lucky enough to have figured out a way to incorporate essential oils into my blog, so that my “side hustle” and my main hustle (my blog Genuine) support each other perfectly. I’ve dedicated a page of my blog to understanding Aroma, and that’s where my side hustle lives .


How long have you done this side hustle?

Five years, and it’s been financing my writing for three years, even though I only work on it a few hours a week.

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What drew you to it?

I was a yoga teacher when another yoga teacher showed me how I could use essential oils in my lessons. At the time, I was teaching yoga at a grief retreat center, and I found that using the oils on my clients was a powerful tool to help them navigate a painful experience. Because I started sharing the oils organically, my side hustle grew very quickly and I was able to quit my little odd jobs to focus on my writing, exclusively. I’m very grateful to the person who introduced me to the oils!


How did you study/train/prepare for this business?

One thing that’s really fantastic about affiliate marketing is that when you find a product you love, it supports you, and not the other way around. All you need to do is learn how the product enhances your message and talk about it. Essential oils are a versatile product, literally anybody can use them to support their passion, whether it’s mindfulness and meditation, like mine, or whether it’s fitness, family, travel, creativity, or creating a healthy home. Anyone can use them as a platform for their work.


What is the best way for you to find clients?

Usually, my clients find me through my writing. I talk about how to use essential oils to create inner peace in some of my blog posts and I have a free continuing education course called “Emotional Support with Essential Oils” that people can opt in to from my website. From there, people usually purchase oils and I provide personalized education on how to use them.


Tell me about the platform/s you use. What are some of the features that make it incredible to use? Does it have any downsides?

For my blog, I use Weebly and MailChimp. Weebly is super easy to use, but now that I’m more informed about blogging and marketing, I wish that I’d used Squarespace, which is just as easy to use but includes more integration options with third parties. As for MailChimp, I have zero complaints now that they allow you to create automations for free. It’s the most user friendly email marketing platform I know of, and I’ve tried a few others.


For social media, I focus on Instagram because I find that my “people” hang out there the most. It’s so easy to find and connect with people like you on Instagram and I feel like the connections I make there are real and authentic. I love posting “microblogs” there. The downside is that I’m not a great photographer, so I have to get creative with finding photos to accompany my words.


And I am 100% dedicated to Canva for graphic design. It’s simply the best for novices, and it’s free.

What would you recommend to someone just starting their business?

Just start. There is no way of knowing exactly where it will lead you. Read Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with Why” to get inspired. I think if you have a clear vision of how you’re trying to impact the world, the business will take shape around it. For the first phase, really go with the flow and see what people respond it, and then narrow down your focus from there. Distill your message down to one sentence you could repeat over and over, for the rest of your life, and then make sure that everything you do fits in with that message.


How many hours a week do you think you spend on it?

I spend just a few hours a week talking with essential oil customers. All of my educational tools are automated now, so to maintain my income, it’s just a matter of answering questions from my customers and writing new blogs about essential oils. As for my main project, freelance writing, I spend about 30 hours a week on it.


What are your business goals for 2017?

My goal for 2017 is to go deep. It took me a while to feel fully resolved about the message of my blog and how my side hustle fit into it. Now that I’m super clear, I want to take time to really learn all I can about the topics I’m writing about so that my writing is helpful to others.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

In college, I was advised to talk to attend the office hours posted by my professors. Little did I know that following this advice would positively impact the rest of my life. By befriending my professors, not only did I learn about the subject matter more deeply, I also knew of opportunities for extra credit, internships, and upcoming assignments before any of my peers.

It’s a habit I have continued into adulthood and now it’s advice I give: If you want something, introduce yourself to the people that can help you get it and ask them what to do. You’d be shocked at how few people actually follow this advice, but if you do, you’ll have a competitive edge.

Tell me the greatest/favorite review/testimonial you’ve received?

My favorite kudos are those from people grieving. Though I write about all kinds of emotions, when I hear from someone who is suffering a loss telling me that my words helped them, it means the world to me, because I know what they’re going through. To help someone feel less alone in a dark time is the greatest gift I can imagine.


What is the best way to build a relationship with your clientele?

Be real. It can be hard these days to really be yourself when you’re promoting your business, because so many of the successful people are pretty, or peppy, or perfect. It’s natural to compare yourself to others, but ask yourself what kind of person you want to be when you’re 80 or 90. The people who are that old who have a real, inner light shining through are the ones who have stopped trying to impress everyone and love themselves. They’re irresistible.


How active are you on social media? Do you spread yourself around or stick to one or two mediums?

I definitely stick to one or two mediums. I have plans to hire an assistant at some point and then I can branch out to all of the platforms, but since it’s just me, trying to be effective on every platform distracts from creating quality content on my blog, which is my focus.

If you could go back and make your start a little easier, what is one thing you would have changed?

I think it’s important for people to just start. Start sharing, start talking about what you love, stop being afraid that it won’t be perfect. You’ll never stop learning how to improve your product, so just start sharing it now.


Any other advice, or stories to share?

For those interested in learning about how essential oils can support their message and supplement their income, I have a free affiliate marketing training here. It walks you through the exact steps of incorporating a product you love into your offerings.
Thank you so much!

Lisa Machac is the lead writer and editor for Genuine, a resource that creates inner peace to facilitate outer change. Genuine connects readers to words of wisdom and self care and mindfulness practices to boost confidence, connection, and the desire to serve others. Lisa also teaches other creatives how to supplement freelance income with affiliate marketing. Link: Genuine websiteAffiliate Marketing trainingLisa’s personal blogFacebook Pinterest Instagram SoundCloud (Guided Meditations)

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How to Use Shopify’s 14 Day Free Trial + A GIVEAWAY

How to Use Shopify’s 14 Day Free Trial + A GIVEAWAY

The other day I received an email from a reader. It was one sentence.

“Why can’t I sell anything on Shopify before the 14 day free trial is over?”

I have a long answer so I thought I would share it here for everyone. Plus, at the end I have a special surprise (hint: Its a giveaway!)

Let’s talk about Shopify’s 14 day free trial. Maybe you’ve signed up, maybe you want to click here to sign up, whatever.

You’ve done it, you’ve picked your theme, you’ve got your apps all organized, and payment portal set up and you are ready to start making money.

But wait, you can’t yet! Why not?

READ  3 Things You Need to Know Before You Start a Shopify Store

Because Shopify’s 14 day free trial is to allow you time to set up your store and get excited about the possibility. You have to make the most of those 14 days.


You can pick out all the free apps, get your content all loaded and decide what your markup is going to be. In addition, you can start promoting your business on Facebook and building interest so when you do go live, you’ll already have customers interested in purchasing what you’re offering.

When you’re ready to go live, you’ll need to purchase your domain and your first month of service. Plans start as low as $29/mo. They have the option for month-to-month or annual plans so if you’re weary of investing too much in the first month that is a great option.

Of course, their best features come in at the $79/mo price point. You can really start to grow your business with the right amount of support.

Here’s the important part: if you’re ready to launch at day 3 or 7 of your 14 day free trial, you can! In order to remove your password page, you have to choose a plan and agree to be charged for your first month or annual plan at the end of your 14 day trial.

This means, if you’re ready to launch your store on day 4, you get ten days free of selling and can see if you make any conversions before you pay for your first month! It’s as simple as that!


So if you’re worried about investing your money- don’t. Many stores have opened up on less than $100 dollars. One Mr. Chris Guilbeaux even wrote a book called the $100 Start Up. (SIde note: I just finished it and it’s a pretty interested read. If you haven’t read it, it has lots of case studies about how people started their businesses for less than $100 and most didn’t have any business experience. Sound like anyone you know?)

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And after 3 months, you’ll know if it’s worth it or not to continue, or if you’re ready to invest even more into it. After 3 months, if you’re not making a profit, then quit. You’ve lost $90 bucks, which isn’t the worst thing. Its like, 2 months worth of coffee at Starbucks.


But if you’re making a profit after 3 months, then great! Keep doing what you’re doing! And tell me all about it! I’d love to feature you on my Side Hustle Series!


If you’re wondering how much you could make, and where you’re going to find your customers, I have a plan. A business plan and you can download it for free.

Still not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge?


Then I suggest you absolutely sign up for the 14 day free trial. Worst case scenario, you don’t like the functions. You don’t like how it’s built. You’ve wasted a little time, and no money. You can even open your store and see if you get any sales before deciding to close it down for good if that’s what you want. 


Best case scenario, you understand why thousands of people use Shopify as their store front. It’s beyond the easy user interface, and apps that make dropshipping simple. There’s a community spirit here that transcends individual stores. Their forums are super helpful and full of incredibly good information. If you have a question, someone has probably already asked it.


One of Shopify’s best features is that it allows you to take your online shop offline. Interested in craft bazaars? Pop up boutiques? Festivals or shows? Take your Shopify Point of Sale with you. All you need is their handy little swiper and a smartphone or tablet. (isn’t the world we live in fabulous?)


When your 14 day free trial is up, you need to be ready to make an investment in your future. The best way to feel sure about that is to do your research. Shopify has some amazing resources on their site, and I’ve even created a free Business Plan to help you make the most of your Shopify experience.


Check out these articles on Shopify for more information, and then get started with your shop with your 14 day free trial.


Bonus: Hey, you made it to the bottom of this post! Awesome!


I’ve launched my own store on Shopify and to celebrate its grand opening, I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Omg! Polka Dotted All The Things is almost here!

What is Polka Dotted All The Things? Its the one stop shop for all things polka dotted!

I’m so excited to start this store that I’ve decided to offer a giveaway as well! We officially open on June 1st, 2017! To build up excitement, this giveaway is starting a little early, and running a little long. I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to enter! If you want a chance at a $100 gift card to Polka Dotted All The Things, read more:

Here’s how to enter:

Using the widget below, plug in your name, and your valid email address. Then you have three more options:

1) Refer friends through your special link and receive an additional entry

2) Follow Polka Dotted All The Things on Instagram

3) Tag 5 Friends on the designated Instagram photo in the comments



If you love polka dots half as much as I do, you’re going to love this store. More items are being added all the time, so sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on sales, new items, and other special deals.  


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20 Gift Ideas for the Mom’s in your Life this Mother’s Day

20 Gift Ideas for the Mom’s in your Life this Mother’s Day

This post is sponsored by Stella and Dot, one of my favorite jewelry stores. I was compensated for this post. If you make a purchase through any of the Affiliate links, I will be further compensated. I appreciate your support. Sign up to be a stylist for Stella and Dot here.


Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

And every year, I’ll bet your get your mom a card and some flowers. This year, why not switch things up a bit and get her something special, classy, and beautiful?


Not buying for your mom? Well, as women, we tend to be surrounded by mothers. Whether they’re new to the game, or have been at it for a few years, there is one thing I’ve noticed about motherhood and maybe you’ll agree: It is a thankless job.


Listen, kids love their mothers (they can’t help it) but they’re also greedy little bastards who only think about themselves. It is exhausting taking care of yourself, let alone a miniature human who doesn’t have the capacity for reasoning, language or basic motor skills. Now imagine you have to do that with like, two or three or four of them, all at different stages of their lives?

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Mother’s Day is a chance for those kids to acknowledge all the hardwork and effort their mom’s put forth to keep them alive, healthy and happy and loved. But there’s no reason why you can’t show your appreciation to these women who make it look easy. Or who are clearly struggling, and could use a quick smile and a chance to feel like a woman, and not just a mother.


I suggest jewelry from Stella and Dot. It’s fun, classy, affordable, and when women receive jewelry (this is such a generalization, I know) we melt a little bit. It’s okay to gift your friends with necklaces or bracelets or earrings. It shows you acknowledge their power and individualism as a woman, not just a mother. I think that’s one of the most important parts of motherhood; not losing your womanhood. And it often gets overlooked.


Here are 20 pieces of jewelry from Stella and Dot to remind the mom’s in your life to reclaim their womanhood.



Stella and Dot is having a sale on bracelets: buy two, get one 50% off! Combine and stack and make a statement! #Affiliatelinks

Stella & Dot Pavea Disc Cuff – Gold – $34.00
Hand-set pave in a shiny gold cuff. Easy simple sparkle.

  • Shiny Gold Plating
  • Adjusts to fit SM-LG Wrists


Stella & Dot Turquoise Stone Cuff – $49.00

Semi-precious turquoise geometric stones sit in a striking shiny gold plated cuff. Chic and minimal this cuff can be worn alone or layered with other favorites.

  • Shiny Gold Plating
  • Fits SM-LG Wrists

Stella & Dot Arrison Stretch Bracelet – $29.00
A staple everyday reversible bracelet made with stretch for added comfort. Matte silver finish with delicate pyramids and subtle sparkle. Layer with our bestselling Nugget Wrap Bracelet.

  • Fits SM-LG wrists.


Stella & Dot Terra Leather Wrap Bracelet – $49.00
Genuine Leather bracelet with delicate geometric design detailing featuring ruthenium plating with hand set black diamond crystals in a beautiful brushed gold finish. Sliding knot closure for adjustable fit.

  • Adjusts to Fit SM-LG Wrists

Stella & Dot Elise Pearl Cuff – $39.00
Freshwater pearls mixed with semi-precious labradorite beads atop a vintage gold open cuff. This mini statement bracelet can easily stand alone or be layered.

  • Vintage Gold Plating
  • Adjusts to Fit SM-LG Wrists
  • Copyright © 2016 Stella & Dot LLC
Stella & Dot Vista Wrap Bracelet – $59.00

The perfect arm party all in one bracelet! Vintage gold beads mixed with woven patterned tape and accents of blue form this newest trend in wrap bracelets.

  • Vintage Gold Plating
  • Fits SM-LG wrists
  • Button Closure



Stella & Dot Color Crush Statement Necklace Set – $34.00
Bright coral acrylic beads with a sparkly flower brooch to add a statement on a grey ribbon. Top it all off with its matching coral beaded bracelet.

  • Necklace: 43 long with ribbon closure.
  • Bracelet: 1 3/4 diameter with stretchable fit.

Stella & Dot Jolie Sparkle Chain Link Necklace – $79.00
Vintage gold plating with subtle sparkle. A sophisticated staple to your wardrobe. Great as a stand alone style or can be layered for a statement look.

  • Vintage Gold Plating
  • 18 1/2 with 1 1/2 Extender
  • Foldover Clasp Closure
Stella & Dot Mini Pearl Cross Necklace – $49.00

Inspired by our best selling Interlock Cross Necklace for women. Tiny fresh water pearls surround the mini cross on a delicate chain. The perfect gift for a special event.

  • 14 long with 2 extender.
  • Sterling Silver.
  • Lobster clasp closure.

Stella & Dot Swag Necklace – $69.00
Collar necklaces are our current favorite trend and latest obsession! Semi precious howlite inlay drop and silver swag chains come together in this delicate and versatile style. Reverses from semi precious to shiny silver.

  • Shiny Silver Plating
  • 15 1/2 with 3 Extender
  • Lobster Clasp Closure

Stella & Dot New Moon Necklace – $59.00
Hand-set micro pave set in a slender crescent make a delicate statement to pair with any look. Wear alone or layer it up with other delicates.

  • 24 with 4 Extender

Stella & Dot Eternity Necklace – $59.00
Sterling silver with brushed gold intertwined circles. A simply beautiful classic style.

  • Semi Shiny Silver/Semi Shiny Gold Plating with Sterling Silver Chain
  • 16 with 2 Extender
  • Lobster Clasp Closure

Stella & Dot The Wishing Necklace – Rose Gold – $34.00
Make a wish to carry with you. A sparkly solitaire suspends from a shiny rose gold delicate chain.

  • Shiny Rose Gold Plating
  • 16 with 2 Extender
  • Lobster Clasp Closure



Stella & Dot Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings – $49.00
Gold plated filigree earrings were inspired by a piece of vintage lace.

  • 2 1/2” length.
  • Gold vermeil earwire fish hook closure.
  • Copyright © 2011 Stella & Dot LLC.
Stella & Dot Sparkle Studs – $19.00

CZ studs set in brass.

  • Titanium posts post with white bronze plating.
  • 1/4 studs.
  • Feather weight.

Stella & Dot Aurelia Drop Earrings – $39.00
Mother-of-Pearl drop earrings combine everyday elegance with stunning versatility. Reverse the drop for a silver geometric motif. Each piece is beautifully unique due to variation of natural shell inlay.

  • Semi-shiny silver plating.
  • 2 drop length.
  • Silver plated brass earwire.
  • Feather Weight.


Stella & Dot Maddie Pearl Earrings – $29.00
Glass pearls dangle from a rhodium ring.

  • Approximately 1 drop.
  • Brass earwire.



Stella & Dot Pavé Chevron Ring – Gold SM – $29.00
Hand-set micro pave chevrons form a delicate geometric everyday ring.

  • Available in SM / MD.
  • Fits ring sizes 5-7.
  • Adjustable for added comfort.
Stella & Dot Deco Cocktail Ring – Size 9 – $39.00

Inspired by our best-selling Deco Drop Earrings. Faceted Cubic Zirconia and Czech crystals adorn this delicate vintage-inspired cocktail ring.

  • Shiny white bronze plating.
  • Fits ring size 9.

Stella & Dot Stellar Pave Ring – Silver – Size 6 – $39.00
Handset pave sparkle with a shiny silver finish. The illusion of stackable bands with the ease of a single ring.

  • Shiny Silver Finish
  • Available in sizes 5-9

Plus, Stella & Dot has so much more on their website. Check it out here:


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Why I Chose BlueHost and You Should Too

Why I Chose BlueHost and You Should Too

Why I chose Bluehost and you should too


It’s hard to believe but I’ve been blogging for almost twenty years. I started out in the dark ages back on LiveJournal, and eventually made my way from Blogger to WordPress and BlueHost. I’m not sure I really remember a time when I didn’t have an online presence of some sort.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!

When I chose to make the decision to move from Blogger to WordPress, I was blogging about fitness. Things were still wild back then; people actually connected on a human level, sharing posts about their day, and their food, and their workout! Now it’s all about stats and affiliates and making money.


Which this post partly is.


But it’s also to help you make an informed decision. Chances are, you’re looking for an additional income, and you heard blogging was a good way to go. It can be incredibly lucrative, but only if you do it right.

What is the right way, you ask?


There are a lot of “right ways”. The right way is the way that works for you. You know what works for me?




Bluehost has been around since pretty much the very beginning, and from the state they’ve offered amazing customer support, and I’ve never had a problem with them. They boast a 99% uptime (which means you’re not losing visitors or customers because their servers are down.)


In the beginning, I chose bluehost because many of the bloggers I was reading at the time also used Bluehost. I’ve heard some intense horror stories from smaller hosting companies that got slammed by a viral post and couldn’t keep up. Not only did their site crash, but everyone who shared the server with them had extended periods of downtime! Not good!


When you sign up for BlueHost, you’ll probably get a shared server as well. Don’t be scared by that. You only need your own dedicated server if you have hundreds of millions of pages views every month. (That’s the dream, right?)

Why I chose bluehost and you should too,, how to start blogging, who should I choose to host my blog, what is hosting, should I choose bluehost, how to make money blogging, gratitude, empowerment, success

Back when I signed up for Bluehost probably 9 years ago now, they were offering the same deal they’re offering today to new sign ups (which helped hook me, no lie!): 2.95/month for your first year! It includes a domain, and 50 GB of space.


My hosting is going to renew in July, so I was looking at the plans they have available for me. I wish I was a new sign up because here’s the deal: If you sign up right now, BlueHost is offering their Prime Plan for the same price as their Plus Plan, but you get two insanely important extras: Domain Privacy and Site Backup Pro. And it’s only two bucks more a month than the basic plan.


Here’s a protip for you: You WANT the Domain Privacy.


One of the things bloggers usually forget to mention when they’re trying to convince you to buy through their links: Domain Privacy is an absolute God Send, and you don’t want to get started without it.


When you register a domain without domain privacy, you put yourself on a list. That list includes your name, your email, your phone number, and your home address.


And then, the spam comes flooding in.


No one told me about Domain Privacy when I first signed up. I cannot tell you how much spam I received in the beginning (before I wised up and signed up!). It was mountainous. It was endless. It came from all directions.


When you sign up for your new hosting package and domain through BlueHost, please go for the domain privacy. You’ll thank me later. Or let me tell you I told you so!


When I came back from the Peace Corps, there was an update to the system and I wasn’t around to pay attention. I lost everything. I lost everything I had written about my Peace Corps experience because I didn’t have Site Backup Pro. As you can imagine, I was devastated.


These things seem like extra expenses, like insurance you’ll never cash in on. But when I needed it, it wasn’t there. Protect your assets, and get the Site Backup Pro. I’ll never go without it again.


I signed up for BlueHost so many years ago, and I’ve purchased half a dozen domains since then, most I’ve done nothing with. But I could host them on the same account as my original domain, which made my life so much easier.


Having a personalized email with BlueHost is super simple as well. I forward mine to a gmail account, but they have a couple of decent email programs that you could use instead. Horde is my favorite.


And of course, the whole point of getting hosting is so you can start your blog. With BlueHost, their one-click installation of WordPress makes the process painless. It takes less than 10 minutes to get your blog up and running.


Once you’re signed up, all you have to do is create content, come up with a marketing plan, figure out a way to monetize it and convince people to read it!


Did you sign up yet? If not, do it here:


If you are, Check out these free courses for new bloggers! They’ll help you figure out how to organize your information with all the steps that come AFTER signing up!



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7 Super Passive Income Ideas

7 Super Passive Income Ideas

Super Passive Income Ideas

You don’t need to do anything but show up for these. You’re already spending your money, so why not save some off the top? You’re already cruising the interwebs, so why not earn points for it? Go running every day? Make money doing it. It’s simple and it’s legit. You’re probably not going to get rich, but the more friends you refer, the better your chances.

What is passive income?

You’ve heard about it a lot, I’m sure. Passive income is where you sit back and let the money roll in, through very little work or effort on your part. Maybe you set up a dropshipping company through Shopify, or maybe you used one of the cool companies below.


The companies I’ve included on this list are the most passive I could find. Starting your own company takes time, effort, and diligence, at least for a while. With these, you sign up. If you’re really clever you might be able to combine two or three of them and save even more.
passive income ideas, ibotta, acorns, ebates, honey, swagbucks, achievemint, how to save money, savings plan, make passive income, gratitude, empowerment, success,

Just so you know, Yes. These are affiliate links. If you sign up through them, I get points, dollars or bonuses at no cost to you.

Super Passive Income Ideas

Honey A browser extension that saves you money and gives you the cash back.


Achievemint – earn points for working out. Every 10,000 points will get you $10. It might take a while to earn it, but it’s literally earning money for breathing. Where else are you going to get that sweet deal?


Swagbucks fill out a survey, check some boxes, and do your regular online shopping and start earning points.

Ebates – Kind of a mix between honey and Swagbucks. Do you shopping, get yo’ saved cash back.


Ibotta – Sign up to get coupon discounts on your favorite products. You can even use it for certain online stores. ProTip: Only unlock items that you were going to buy anyway. Use my promocode: lmyhuap to get your first $10 for FREE. (I wish I had used that when I signed up…Would have cashed out a lot quicker!)


Acorns – Okay, this is a little different from the rest. Its investing. You put away five or ten bucks every week, plus little dollar rounds ups of your change from purchases. They take those dollars and invest them into stocks for you. As your investment builds, so does your passive profits. Remember of course, that the stock market is not a guarantee, and you may end up losing money. But if you want to try it out, Sign up through my link and get $10 for free.

The best idea for using these passive income streams

The most passive of them all is by far Achievemint. You turn on the app and get your money eventually. The next passive is probably Acorns, but that does involve investing. Here’s what I think a good plan is:

Take the cashouts from Ebates, Swagbucks, Ibotta, etc and invest them into Acorns. You’re basically investing free money to earn additional money. How cool is that?


If you’re looking to start a savings plan, I have a freebie guide in the Millennial Life Skills Vault just waiting for you. Sign up now!

Now, please, I want to know! What ways are you earning money passively? Did you start a side hustle and then sit back and let the dollars roll in? Are you passively saving money through apps like Acorn or Digit?

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