How to make money hosting a party with Stella & Dot


How To Make Money Hosting a party with Stella & Dot | How to make more money | side hustles | part time jobs | MLM | Multi-Level Marketing | Pampered Chef | Beach Body | How to Sell LulaRoe | How To Host a Facebook Party | | gratitude | empowerment | successI was compensated for this post and this post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!


Maybe you’re considering one of those MLM (multi-level marketing) side jobs where you sell direct to customers, or get them to sign up to also sell with you. They are very lucrative if you’re doing it right, and have the right motivations.

Often, these jobs aren’t going to earn you more income than your day job.

But if you’re looking to earn some extra money to pay off student loans, save for a house, or for that amazing vacation across Europe or Africa, signing up for companies like Stella & Dot, BeautyCounter, or Pampered Chef will earn you that extra cash, and even better, give you a reason to connect with your friends.


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So, how do you make money with these products? You host a party! I’m sure you’ve been to them before, but if you haven’t here’s how it works:


You invite your friends and their friends to your house, or have one of them host you. There’s food, and drinks and you get to have a girls night! While you’re there, in order to make it fun and interactive, you play games, let your friends browse the catalog, and share the actual products (whether it’s jewelry or makeup or whatever) around the room.


General advice:


Keep it honest.

People generally would rather hear that you make decent money than a fake amount that makes you seem really proficient. If you do earn a high roller income, then tell them how you did it; usually one of the best ways to earn money with this programs is to convince people to sign up as consultants as well. All programs are different, but there is often a commission structure in place where you earn part of the commission of everyone who you sign up.


Set goals.

If you want to earn an extra $1000 a month, you need to figure out how many parties/ sales you have to make in order to meet that goal. And of course, set GBB goals: Good, Better, Best.



Every single person has a different set of friends. Often these programs have plans where you earn part of the commission for every person you’ve referred to sell.

In the entrepreneurship world, we call that passive income, and it’s the dream.


How to make Money Hosting a Party


Invite your friends – and invite them to invite a friend or two- bonus points if you don’t know the friend they bring!


Either invite a seller or be a seller – if you’re just looking for some free swag, hosting a party earns you that opportunity.


Play games – I highly recommend starting out with a name game of some sort, especially if there are several women there who you’ve never met before. The first rule of selling is know your customer’s name. The second rule is Use it.

You can use this to get really creative. This is a short, rather uninspired list. If you want to sell, you gotta think outside of the box, but these are classic games that everyone loves!


  • Trivia – hand out raffle tickets to the winners
  • What’s in the purse that starts with the letter…
  • Jeopardy


Have food – food and drinks encourage a fun, free flowing atmosphere! If people are uptight, or hungry, or having a bad day, it’s going to spread. Drinks usually liven the room. Food keeps hands dirty and mouths full, so be strategic with your meals or appetizers.


Pass around the loot – let your customers touch, try on, or try out the merchandise. It’s a lot easier to convince someone to buy a necklace when they can see how pretty it goes with their hair.


Have a giveaway – remember those raffle tickets? Giveaway door prizes for a handful of winners. There should be one “coveted” prize, and a few smaller prizes, depending on the size of your group.


Take all the orders – let your party look at the catalog, explain how ordering works, and if you can send them straight to the website. If shipping is extra, explain that as well. If they have to pick it up from you, make sure that is clear and how that usually works.

Make sure you get some sort of sign in sheet or opt in sheet from EVERYONE at the party, even if they don’t buy anything. Maybe they’re short on cash, but they would be interested in hosting a party. If you don’t ask EVERY SINGLE PERSON, you miss out on potential sales for the future.


On Facebook – a lot of high roller sellers have a love/hate relationship with Facebook as a medium to sell their products. If you think you could pull it off, then go for it. This is often popular with the LulaRoe crowd. I think it’s a lot less personal, and harder to keep people engaged. Again, it’s a lot harder to think you don’t need that pretty silver leaf ring when you’ve had two margaritas and the silver just glitters in the light.

How To Make Money Hosting a party with Stella & Dot | How to make more money | side hustles | part time jobs | MLM | Multi-Level Marketing | Pampered Chef | Beach Body | How to Sell LulaRoe | How To Host a Facebook Party | | gratitude | empowerment | success

The steps for creating a party on Facebook:

  • Create an event
  • Invite your friends
  • Tell them to invite their friends
  • Facebook live the event – in order to keep people engaged, they need to see your face! You can respond to comments, and do the things listed below. Things to keep in mind; battery on your phone or tablet (if you’re not using your laptop/desktop), lighting, dead airtime.
  • Offer giveaways for correct answers
  • Upload a lookbook to the event page – if possible, offer different styling options for each piece.
  • Do a treasure hunt on the website
  • Take all the orders – but almost more important than taking orders, is finding hosts for the future. You can make money once, or you can make it every time.


I wish you luck in your future endeavors. If you used any of the tips in this How-To guide, let me know in the comments or on the Twitter!


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