Side Hustle Series: How I Got My First Viral Pin Using Tailwind

There are so many different steps to blogging. The best bloggers usually look so professional it’s hardly any wonder that they’re not millionaires. And quite a few of them are. If you look closely, they’re incredibly organized, use video, and pay hundreds of dollars a year for different tools. What you often won’t see, is the team of people supporting their photography, recipes, and content creation and marketing.


And then, there’s the rest of us bloggers – the ones who try to be our own version of professional while still maintaining that sense of individualism. We grab at ideas, write whatever comes, and hope something sticks. To put it simply, we’re bootstrapping. 

I’ll be honest with you – I fall into the second category. When I started blogging I was desperate to get some traffic to my blog and I came across a great idea: make a round up of my favorite pins.

You’ve seen these before; they’re very popular among food bloggers. But I don’t blog about food, so I had to find something else. And then it occurred to me: 30 day challenges. It falls nicely within my niche of life skills, but is broad enough to attract a wide audience.


I put 30 of my favorite 30 day challenges on my blog, and used 7 or 8 different pins  to break up the list of links.

I also created my own pin for the blog post.

And then, after it was published, I logged into Tailwind and pinned all of the available images to over 30 group boards. More than once.



And you know what? It worked.


This one post drives more visitors to my blog than any other. And when it went viral, I could hardly believe it!

For about a week, I got more traffic to my site than I ever had before. Then it started to taper off. But looking back, I notice that daily I get the most traffic to that blog.


I absolutely know that using Tailwind to schedule my pins helped immensely. It let me space out each pin so I didn’t flood all of those group boards. It also allows you to repin them multiple times. Sometimes pins take off, sometimes they don’t.


(I am an affiliate for Tailwind – if you click on one the links and sign up I may earn a commission at no cost to you. Tailwind is for sure my favorite blogger’s tool and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you today.)


Now, is Tailwind completely responsible for the virality of the blog post? Not entirely, no. It takes people interested in the content to repin and visit the post in order for it to have that virality requirement. But it allowed me to reach a much larger audience than I would have been able to do myself. Instead of spending hours and hours EVERY DAY repinning my pins, Tailwind does it for me. I schedule pins once or twice a week, and then spend a couple of hours on Pinterest in my free time because I just love Pinterest.


Tailwind also offers a free trial. Your first 100 pins are free to schedule so you can get an idea of how it works. If you love it, you can sign up for the monthly or annual plan. If you’re not ready to make a commitment, there are still some features you can use. We’ll talk about that in a bit.


Some tips on making a viral pin:


Great content – I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s true. Providing real value is the best way to get people to visit your blog. For me, rounding up some of my favorite challenges provided value to those looking to change their lifestyles.



Several Pinnable Images – The most common pin size is about 1100×705. It shows really well in Pinterest’s feed. But the text also needs to be readable, you need a great headline or title, and it should be pretty and eye catching. I make at least two for each blog post. For the one that went viral, I had eight pins.

I keep to two or three different templates and just edit the text and background accordingly. That way they feel similar because they fit within my brand, its less work, but they’re still unique.


The more images you have available for pinning, the more opportunity for the pinning. So I suggest making at least 3 pinnable images for each blog post. It’s a lot of work, but I’ve noticed that any post I’ve posted more than one pin, tends to get a lot more traffic.


Group Boards – If you’re only pinning stuff to your own boards, you’re missing out on a great opportunity for others to see your pins. The name of the game is to get others to pin your pins and they’ll get a better chance of that if your pins are going to group boards. Once you’ve found group boards, make sure you follow the group rules so you don’t get kicked out. Nobody likes a spammer. Also make sure you occasionally share pins from the group boards you’re apart of. This is important because it keeps the board healthy and encourages more pins from that board to show up in the feeds of other pinners. (Which means your pins will inevitably see a boost.)

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Do you need some group boards to join?

You can try searching on but it hasn’t been updated in nearly a year.

I have a list of group boards I’m currently accepting new contributors for. All you have to do is follow my Pinterest profile, and then fill out this google form. I check it about once a week, so once you sign up just look out for your invitation!


Tailwind Tribes – Yes, back to tailwind. Tailwind has this really amazing tool called Tribes. You can join these tribes and submit your pins to them, and others in the tribe will repin your pins for you. They largely exist on reciprocation – usually pin for pin or pin for 2-4 pins. The people who share your pins are the ones who will make to go viral. This is a great place to start that potential.


Tailwind Tribes are free! You only need an account but you don’t need a subscription.

Just sign up here to get started.


Of course I highly recommend a subscription – you can do a monthly or a yearly and I promise you the yearly subscription is absolutely worth it. If I could only buy one tool for my business a year, it would be the yearly subscription to Tailwind. With the monthly subscription you get a certain number of scheduled pins each month and they cap out at 400 a month, which is about 13/day. I pin about 75-100 a day. And it has truly made all the difference in my business and traffic to my site. A solid 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.



I have a Tribe you can join called The Millennial Life. It’s a lifestyle tribe for millennial bloggers. I ask that you repin as many pins as you share and know that I regularly go through to check who is pinning and who is not. You’ll get one warning before your removed if you’re pinning but not sharing.


If you pin consistently using these tips, you’ll start to see your blog traffic spike, and take off. I hope you’ll share your results with me! I love to celebrate successes!

If you want even more detailed Pinterest advice, check out my book, Pinteresting Business now available at and Amazon.

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First viral pin using tailwind, how to use tailwind, is using tailwind worth it, what are tailwind tribes, what are group boards, how to find pinterest group boards, pinteresting business e-book, how to make viral pin for pinterest, jessicafwalker | gratitude | empowerment | success
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