How to find the right Tailwind Tribes for You

You might have heard, but Tailwind Tribes has officially launched! This is exciting news because finding the right Tailwind Tribes to join is finally easier than ever!

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If you don’t know what Tailwind Tribes are, let’s take a moment here to explain: Tailwind Tribes are basically little groups of people who share pins so you can reshare them. Which means, you can add your own pins to these Tailwind Tribes, and the people in the tribes will share them to their audience.


For you, as a blogger or business owner this means your pins will reach a larger audience.


One of the downsides of Tailwind Tribes is that you cannot control who shares your pins and who doesn’t. But if your pins are pretty and the content is interesting and fits within the theme of the other pinners in the tribe, then you getting shares of your pins will be easy!


Other benefits of this awesome feature of Tailwind Tribes:

  • Its free for the first five tribes – you don’t need a tailwind subscription! (You do technically need an account, but you don’t have to sign up for a plan unless you’re ready to explode your Pinterest and get all the traffic. But I digress…)
  • Each month you’ll get to share 30 pins, which is pretty reasonable, considering for over 9 months, I shared less than 250 pins.
  • If you already have a Tailwind Tribes account but haven’t logged in recently, your free account comes with 10 tribes and 80 pins a month – which is the same as the Tribes Pro plan and costs 59.98 a year. Congratulations!
  • There are other companies out there who may do similar things but the one thing Tailwind has going for it that those other companies don’t is: Tailwind is an Official Pinterest Partner. By having that seal of approval you know that using this tool isn’t going to get your account banned and/or closed by Pinterest for violating their terms of service. It also means the software you’re using is high quality and that your sensitive information is secure.

This video is from several bloggers who love Tailwind Tribes and can talk about it a little better than I can. Take a look:



If you’re ready to check Tailwind Tribes out and see how to make it work for your blog or online business, here’s how to start:


Visit tailwind tribes

To get started with Tailwind Tribes, first Visit the Tailwind Tribes Page.


Use the Find a New Tribe button

You’ll find a search bar and some popular niches like travel, family, marketing and more. You can either search for a tribe in your specific niche, or look at the collections.

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Read rules preview pins

When you click on individual tribes, it’ll give you a preview of the kinds of pins inside, and you’ll also see the rules. They will all be different and it’ll be up to you to follow them.

For my The Millennial Life Tribe, I have kind of a lot of rules. I want it to be fair to everyone, but I also want the content relevant. I really want the Millennial Life to be centered around adulting, money management, traveling, and personal and career development.

So you’ll notice I have a rule against VA’s, Mommy Bloggers, and Food Bloggers. There are plenty of other Tailwind Tribes for those people to join.

Request to join

It’s as easy as clicking the “request to join” button. If there’s an option to give a little message about yourself, whether you’ll follow the rules, etc, I suggest filling it out. For my own tribes, I will choose not to invite anyone who doesn’t state their niche, or if that niche falls into one of my exempt categories.

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Up to 5 tribes on a free account

On a Free account you can join up to 5 tribes if you’re a new member. If you’ve been on Tailwind for a while, you might notice your count is a little higher. My account says I can join 10, but since I’m currently in 14 I would have to leave several in order to join more.


If you sign up for a full Tailwind Account which has the pin scheduling and so many awesome cool features, the Free Tailwind Tribes plan comes included with it.


I gotta tell you, searching through these tribes is amazing.

This is one of the main features the Tailwind Tribes has been missing and now that it’s live, it’s going to be a total game changer. I remember having such a hard time finding appropriate Tailwind Tribes for my niche and now they’re all available for search. No more struggle trying to find places to put my weary pins!


I think it’s better to have specific Tailwind Tribe niches than free for all boards – you’ll have a more likely chance of your pins getting shared if you’re sharing them with a specific niche. And now we can find them. It’s magic, I tell you. Utter magic.


Sign up for Tailwind Tribes here


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