There is a WordPress theme that is possibly one of the most popular and customizable of them all. I’ve been blogging for half of my life but it took me until just last year to finally figure out why everyone was all about the Divi Theme.

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What is the Divi Theme?

Divi is a highly customizable theme sold by Elegant Themes. It has this awesome drag and drop feature, and you can download different modules to literally create anything you want. And you don’t need to know how to code CSS, or HTML to use it. In the divi builder you can build whole pages, blogs, etc to look exactly the way you want.


Why did I switch to Divi?

Last year I decided to finally take my blogging seriously and upgrade to what the professionals were using: Divi. And it has seriously made a difference. Before, editing my blog was a nightmare because there wasn’t a theme I could find that could do everything that I needed it to. I wish I had kept a screenshot or two of my previous layouts so we could compare the differences and see how much more professional I am today than I was a couple of years ago. Then there’s also the part where I regularly changed my theme because I just could not customize it enough to suit my needs. I would go through five or six in a year! That’s madness!


One of the great things about WordPress is how customizable it is, but to make any real layout changes you need a premium theme.


When I finally decided to invest, I’m not sure I spent any time looking at other themes. Well, that’s not true. I just knew, that if I was going to get a grown up theme, I wanted to have the grown up theme, you know?


Level up with a child theme


I learned quickly that while Divi is super customizable, and simple to use – once you understand where all the buttons lead you – it would be easier and worth my time and money to invest in a child theme. Child themes are pre-made layouts that use Divi as a base. Installing them is simple. First, you install Divi, and activate it within WordPress. Then you install the child theme and activate that on top of the Divi. It was painless.


And it made my website go from amatuer to legit profesh in just a couple of minutes.

My favorite features of Divi

I don’t know where to start with my favorite features of Divi because it just has so many options. One of the biggest selling points for me though is the Bloom app, which allows you to collect emails. I use this app in several different ways. Like the Shopify Fly – In, the embedded forms in blog posts, and the embedded forms on the home page.


It also comes with an app called Monarch which allows visitors to share your posts via social media – kind of like Sumome but it’s included in your bundle from Elegant Themes.


One of the Downsides of Divi… potentially


Because I’m so in love with Divi it hasn’t occurred to me that I should change it. But I’ve read from other bloggers while I was researching that any page you build with Divi uses short codes. If you try changing it later, those pages won’t convert with the new theme because they were built on Divi and not HTML. So if you switch to Divi it is a full time commitment, but I think it is a worthy one.


So How Much Does This Cost?

I think sometimes the sticker shock of Divi can be a the one hold back from making a purchase.  When you make a yearly subscription purchase, you’re not just getting access to Divi. You’re getting access to over 80 different themes. If Divi just isn’t your cup, you can use one of the other’s instead. 


A year subscription to Elegant Themes is $89 and includes access to all of their themes and plugins. You can try it out for a year and see if it’s your style. And you should take the full year to make sure you like it, can learn how to use it. It’s like moving to a new city. It takes a while for you to learn all the shortcuts, hidden gems, and best places to get drunk. Another cool thing about the pricing: if you decide to upgrade to the developer package before your year is up, they’ll prorate what you’ve already paid.


If you’re ready to commit to the Divi theme, a one time life time purchase of $249 makes more sense. Sure it’s a bigger out of pocket expense, but then you NEVER have to pay it again. You get all the updates for life. It’s actually kind of a steal.

To me, getting the Divi theme meant I leveled up your blog. That allowed me to actually start pulling in money.  And it has paid for itself several times over now.


If you want to check out Divi plus all the cool stuff it has, you can find it here.


Have you tried Divi? What’s your favorite WordPress theme?

Divi Theme for wordpress, Professional bloggers use Divi Theme, Do I need Divi, How to use Divi, make money blogging using Divi

Divi Theme for wordpress, Professional bloggers use Divi Theme, Do I need Divi, How to use Divi, make money blogging using Divi

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