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Raise your hand if you’ve lost hours taking quizzes on Buzzfeed.


Yeah, me too. They’re great. They have all those fun pictures, the questions are interesting, and sometimes they even get things right. And Buzzfeed has literally thousands of them. They have a community of fans who create the quizzes for them.


Quizzes are a great tool to use for your blog or business because it encourages visitors to stay longer. It creates trust, and interest. Plus, they tend to share the results with their friends. Their friends in turn go take the quiz and share their results as well.


Check out my quizzes here:


What type of blogger are you


When will you get married


What is your fashion style


What kind of store should you start as a side hustle


If you’ve ever thought of making your own, using Interact is the best way to go. With Interact, you can use over one hundred different templates, or create your own quiz. These quizzes can have as many or few questions as you want, and at the end, you can request an email address in order for them to view the results.

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How to get started with Interact Quizzes


First, sign up for your free trial here


Then, you can either choose from over 100 templates, or create a quiz of your own.


For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s create one of your own.


Step one: Create new quiz

When you create a new quiz, you’ll be given three different options: Personality, list/survey, or scored. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going with the Personality assessment. Then when you’re ready,  pick a title for your quiz., how to create a quiz,

Step two: Choose results

It might seem counter intuitive to start at the end, but it makes sense I promise. Choose 2-5 different outcomes.

Step three: create questions

Ask any type you like, but keep it semi relevant to your topic.

Step four: connect questions with results

Easy as clicking on a few buttons.

Step five: connect to email list

Interact integrates with so many different companies, some of them I didn’t even know they existed. Even better, if it doesn’t connect with your mail provider, it does connect with Zapier so just zap it over!

Step six: publish to blog

You just hit share and embed and it’ll ask you to publish the quiz. Then copy and paste the code into your blog, or download the Interact WordPress Plugin and use the short code to install it that way.



Pro tips for making your Interact Quizzes:


You can choose to not require email addresses, but I’ve noticed people won’t fill that out if you give them the option. Instead, make sure you require it or not capture the email at all. But if you do require their email (which is what this tutorial all about!) make sure you really let them know what they’ll get in return for their email.


With “What Type of Shopify Store should you start as a side hustle?”, they’re not just finding out what kind of store to start, they’re getting a file that gives them all the steps laid out for them to get started. Doing this encourages trust – I’m not trying to hustle them, but give them useful, actionable information.


If you choose not to collect email addresses at all, that’s okay too, but you should have a call to action – buy this, sign up for that, etc. I’ll let you decide.


Sign up here to Try Interact for FREE

Use quizzes to grow email list, how to grow email list, get more subscribers, how to create a quiz, buzzfeed quiz, blog, | gratitude | empowerment | success
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