Super Passive Income Ideas

You don’t need to do anything but show up for these. You’re already spending your money, so why not save some off the top? You’re already cruising the interwebs, so why not earn points for it? Go running every day? Make money doing it. It’s simple and it’s legit. You’re probably not going to get rich, but the more friends you refer, the better your chances.

What is passive income?

You’ve heard about it a lot, I’m sure. Passive income is where you sit back and let the money roll in, through very little work or effort on your part. Maybe you set up a dropshipping company through Shopify, or maybe you used one of the cool companies below.


The companies I’ve included on this list are the most passive I could find. Starting your own company takes time, effort, and diligence, at least for a while. With these, you sign up. If you’re really clever you might be able to combine two or three of them and save even more.
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Just so you know, Yes. These are affiliate links. If you sign up through them, I get points, dollars or bonuses at no cost to you.

Super Passive Income Ideas

Honey A browser extension that saves you money and gives you the cash back. After you sign up, make sure you install the browser extension so it can find you all the deals on the shopping you were going to do anyway. 


Achievemint – earn points for working out. Every 10,000 points will get you $10. It might take a while to earn it, but it’s literally earning money for breathing. Where else are you going to get that sweet deal?


Swagbucks fill out a survey, check some boxes, and do your regular online shopping and start earning points.

Ebates – Kind of a mix between honey and Swagbucks. Do you shopping, get yo’ saved cash back.


Ibotta – Sign up to get coupon discounts on your favorite products. You can even use it for certain online stores. ProTip: Only unlock items that you were going to buy anyway. Use my promocode: lmyhuap to get your first $10 for FREE. (I wish I had used that when I signed up…Would have cashed out a lot quicker!)


Acorns – Okay, this is a little different from the rest. Its investing. You put away five or ten bucks every week, plus little dollar rounds ups of your change from purchases. They take those dollars and invest them into stocks for you. As your investment builds, so does your passive profits. Remember of course, that the stock market is not a guarantee, and you may end up losing money. But if you want to try it out, Sign up through my link and get $10 for free.

The best idea for using these passive income streams

The most passive of them all is by far Achievemint. You turn on the app and get your money eventually. The next passive is probably Acorns, but that does involve investing. Here’s what I think a good plan is:

Take the cashouts from Ebates, Swagbucks, Ibotta, etc and invest them into Acorns. You’re basically investing free money to earn additional money. How cool is that?


If you’re looking to start a savings plan, I have a freebie guide in the Millennial Life Skills Vault just waiting for you. Sign up now!

Now, please, I want to know! What ways are you earning money passively? Did you start a side hustle and then sit back and let the dollars roll in? Are you passively saving money through apps like Acorn or Digit?

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