Why is my job search taking so long?

Why is my job search taking so long?

Why is my job search taking so long?

You’ve been putting out applications left and right. You’re not getting callbacks. Or you are, but it’s for positions you don’t want, or are over-qualified for. Why is your job search taking so long? There are a multitude of reasons this could be. You could be in a highly competitive city or field. Your city’s economy could just be very slow at the moment. Maybe you think you’re applying to a lot of jobs, but once or twice a week isn’t enough.

I remember every period I spend job searching. Especially in the beginning of my career, I would often go 4-5 months in between jobs. My mom and my friends (and my poor poor credit card) floated my living expenses while I job searched. It was hard. I either wasn’t finding the job I wanted, or was unqualified for the ones that were available. If I could find a potential listing, it was a temp job, or the market was too competitive for me to stick out.

Eventually I found a job. I took it out of necessity, not want. I worked it as long as I could until I was able to pay off some debt and start planning for my future employment change. Some of the best advice given to me was, “It is always easier to get hired if you already have a job. It shows immediately that you are employable and valuable enough to keep on payroll.”

If your job search is lagging, I suggest you do a self audit, and check the following:


Have a professional look at your resume.

If your issue is that you’re applying to jobs, but not even getting an interview, you need to check your resume, or redo it completely. In the Millennial Life Skills Vault, I have a free checklist to help you identify the 9 things you need to make sure your resume has.

But if you’ve updated it, and you’ve had others look at it and it’s still not getting you any interviews, then it might be time to check in with a professional for either an audit or a complete re-write.  

Resumes serve exactly one purpose: to get you the interview. There is just no way you can completely showcase all of your amazing skills, experience, talents, and personality on one or two pieces of paper.  But professional resume creators know how to highlight the most important skills, experience, and make your personality shine through so the reader is intrigued enough to talk with you in person.

Your day job should be applying for jobs, or building a marketable skill set.

If you’re currently unemployed, stressed about finding a job, then you need to make finding a job your job. But there are a lot of ways to do this; it’s not all sitting in front of a computer filling out application after tedious application.

The best way to build your skill set and network is through volunteering. Once you’ve built a rapport, you can ask those people if they can help you find a job, or drop your name to one of acquaintances.

There are a few marketable skills that will probably be useful in most jobs you’ll ever have. They are: sales, customer service, internet marketing, and programming/coding. If you’re not job searching, you should be doing everything you can to develop those skills.

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Side gig

The side gig is part of building your skills. If you’ve successively figured out how to sale, or market on the internet, or code, a side hustle will be easy to get started. Depending on your hustle, and your investment, you can create the opportunity to float your own income while you job search. If you’ve actually earned a livable wage from the income, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be included on your resume.

We are quickly moving into a gig economy. What that means for you is you have the opportunity to create for yourself an income that is entirely reliant on your ability to hustle. You’re usually an independent contractor, providing individual services for individual pay rates. You set your own hours, and your business either comes from word of mouth, organized companies, or companies that allows clients to find you (like rover.com.)


Job search challenge

Job searching is a life skill. It is not something you just wake up and know how to do. If you’re lucky, you had a lot of supportive adults in your life or school who taught you the basics of filling out a resume, an application, and how to act and dress on an interview.

But not all of us did.

Classes get cut.

Parents are too busy, or not around. Or worse, parents did all the work for you instead of teaching you how.

Or maybe it’s just been a while and you need a refresher.

If you want to take a more hands on approach, get in depth about your job search and really build some momentum in your job search, consider signing up for my Job Search Challenge.

Everyday for six days, we’re going in-depth on a topic related to the job search. Resumes, applications, where to find jobs, interviews, and more. At the end of this challenge you will be empowered to confidently reach out to employers and explain why you are the best case scenario.

The Job Search Challenge also allows you access to the Millennial Life Skills Vault which has a resource library. it includes information about resumes, interview tips, side hustles, and so much more related to supporting your career. This challenge will help you get ahead in your job search experience and develop an incredibly important life skill.

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Now I want to know: What do you think is the hardest part about job searching?

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Four Podcasts for Millennials to Start Listening to Right Now

Four Podcasts for Millennials to Start Listening to Right Now

I love podcasts.

I have a fairly long commute to work, and listening to a podcast keeps me engaged, and makes me feel like the time isn’t being wasted. It also drowns out the sounds of people coughing on the bus. Yuck. Honestly, it took me a while to branch out of my usual podcasts. I guess while I was away, the podcast game changed because before there were a few high quality shows, and several very poor shows with only one or two episodes before they gave up.

Now there are literally hundreds of podcasts, and they are often owned by media groups. They have figured out how to monetize them, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I remember when podcasts didn’t have ads. They were just the show, all sweat and blood and tears and laughter. We’re in a new era of podcasting, that’s for sure. Today I’m going to share four podcasts I’m totally digging, and you should listen to.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Crowdfunded originally by Kickstarter, Vanessa and Casper are just killing the retelling of Harry Potter through the process of reading it as a sacred text. If you think that sounds sacrilegious, please trust me: it’s not. These books are full of lessons, parables, and themes that 1) help reimagine how you consider the text and, 2) how you can apply this new consideration to your own life. It’s not judgy or overwhelming. It is quite simply, Magical. They’ve just finished season two, and are raising money to fund season three. Give it a listen, and then give them a couple of bucks to keep this amazing show going!


#GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Former CEO of NastyGal, Sophia Amoruso is just a freaking queen of outsiders and awesomeness. She interviews high powered girl bosses for her podcast, and each one of their stories is beautiful, unique, and inspiring. The show is on a bit of a hiatus until after her #GirlBoss Rally (this week, I think!) so go listen to some past episodes and get ready for the awesomeness yet to come.

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The Keto Diet Podcast

I’m on that Keto Life, because it’s really the best and only way for me to control my celiac disease. Leanne breaks down important aspects of the keto life, and introduces a new “make it work for yourself” mantra of Keto which is refreshing. If you’re in the groups, you know how controlling people can be about their ideas regarding keto.



We are on total information overload, but this podcast is funny as hell, and created by my favorite podcast peeps. I started listening to these guys back when they were all about Harry Potter. We grew up together. And they understand my language, and yours, I imagine. As millennials, we’re well informed, scared, and anxious to do more, and to do better. This show encapsulates all of those ideals and more. Check it.

What podcasts do you listen to? What should I start listening to?

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The BEST Free Courses for Bloggers

The BEST Free Courses for Bloggers

I recently put together a free email course called Blogging 101: The Ultimate Start Guide for Blogging as a Side Hustle.

My course, Blogging 101, spans 7 days and each day has a different topic. We talk about the best hosting, how to pick a domain name, the best tools and plugins you’ll need, and why WordPress is King. We go over the best tools to use for graphics, best free and paid resources out there, and how to start a blog if writing isn’t actually your “thing”. Plus, so much more. I’m not entirely sure how I fit it into 7 days, honestly!

But through my research, I found several other free courses out there that can help you discover your niche, focus on a particular stream of income, and teach you things like taking your own photographs. They teach you how to get more sign ups to your email list, and a bunch more. All of these courses are very useful, especially if you’re just getting started. I absolutely recommend you try some of them out. Not all of them; you don’t want to get overwhelmed. Pick one or two that really speak out to you. Focus on following their steps, and when you’re done, you can pick one or two more.

There is really no such thing as too much information, especially when you’re blogging. You’ll come to find that what works for one person, may not be true for you. And what works for you, might be in direct contradiction of the advice of a blogger who makes 6 figures a year.

Take what you need, and leave the rest.

I did a lot of research for my Blogging 101 course, and along the way. I found that a lot of the courses that talk about blogging that are incredibly useful to me, are already listed at:

Mom Makes Cents: Free Courses for Bloggers (Click Here)

So please, sign up for my e-course here! And then go check out the list that is the end-all-be-all of lists about free courses for bloggers. (Mine is not listed, because mine did not exist when this list was compiled. Ha!)

I’d love to know in the comments if you signed up for mine and how it compares to the others!

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How to Build a Bigger Business with Shopify

How to Build a Bigger Business with Shopify

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!

Have you been side hustling for a while, turned it into your full time gig, and making some decent money selling your products, but you’re ready to take your business to the next level?

Shopify has got you covered. For the past seven years, Shopify has hosted a Build Your Business competition, encouraging start ups and new businesses to get creative and start making money. Well, this year they’re doing it a little differently and they reached out to me to help spread the word!

When you’re trying to grow a business, it’s not a process you can do alone. You need a support team of highly skilled and qualified individuals who know how to disrupt the system, create profitable systems and products, and streamline processes.

Putting together the team you need can be expensive. Finding mentors that really know what they’re doing doesn’t ever come cheap. So what is a business owner to do?

Check out Shopify’s new competition: Build a Bigger Business. Over the past 7 years, Shopify has helped over 100,000 merchants launch businesses through Build a Business, an annual competition asking scrappy freshman entrepreneurs one question: can you sell the most?

This year, Shopify has announced the first Build a BIGGER Business competition. How is it bigger? This time, rather than focusing on springboarding new businesses, this competition is for established Shopify merchants.

The Build a Bigger Business Competition is designed for:

  • Established companies with sales in 2016 between $1M and $50M
  • Companies who are not currently on Shopify but are thinking of migrating
  • Companies that are currently on Shopify and love it there because they know what’s up!
  • Businesses that thrive in a competitive atmosphere
  • Business owners who want support and leadership from leaders like Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins, plus the creator of Goldieblox, and the CEO of Shopify (and so many other amazing people, omg!).


What’s the point of competition when you’re already doing good? Well, how about bragging rights?

Or like… Hanging out with Tony Robbins in FIJI!

Look, growing only stops when you’re dead. If you’re not bankrupt, you gotta keep growing. So how does getting over a million dollars in business infrastructure support sound, in terms of growth?

There’s like 8 different categories of competition. But seriously, just go to the Build a Bigger Business Competition and read up on it yourself.

Look, if I was at this level, I’d be all over this. If you are at this level, what are you waiting for? Check it out, see if it’s right for you, and get started making even more money with mentorship from some of the biggest names in the biz.

Ready to start your online side hustle, but nowhere near $1M in sales yet?

You should still take a look at what Shopify offers new business owners. Its a great setup with amazing support and opportunity to do pretty much anything you want.


So I want to know: How are you growing your business or side hustle this year? Tell me in the comments!

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Why You NEED a side hustle (plus how to get started!)

Why You NEED a side hustle (plus how to get started!)

Today we have a guest post from Leah, and we’re talking about one of my favorite things: Side Hustles! I highly recommend you check out the free e-course at the end of this post and tell us your biggest fears about getting started hustling. 

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission at not cost to you. In fact, if you use the links, you are directly supporting the creation of awesome content for the future. So thanks!


Hey, everyone! My name is Leah and I am the blogger behind Urban20Something.com. I blog about ways that millennial women can advance financially and professionally by side hustling. My blog was born about 1 year ago when I was declining law school acceptances and felt like there had to be more creative (and less expensive! Hello, debt!) ways to pursue a career I loved, I just needed to find it.


Fast forward one year, and I’ve completely dedicated my blog to helping people side hustle. Because of my blog and the freelance writing experience I built up by side hustling, I was able to quit my job last summer and travel for four months. There’s no way I could’ve done that had I not had the experience and money from a side hustle. It’s a huge boost of freedom and I can’t recommend side hustling enough. So, first…


What’s a Side Hustle? 

A side hustle is a way you make money outside of your 9-5 job and/or primary source of income. Side hustles can be quite extravagant and include starting an entire business. Or, they can be as simple as monetizing a hobby you already do. For instance, do you to write and journal? Why not make money freelance writing and ghost blogging? Do you speak another language? Make money tutoring!

The types of side hustles are never ending and you can monetize nearly anything that you might be good at it and/or have a passion for.

Why do you need a side hustle? 


Side Money 

The most obvious (and maybe most exciting!) reason to have a side hustle is to make extra money, of course! This is especially relevant to the millennial generation who is drowning in debt. Yes, we do have a lot of debt on our hands, but we also have the power of technology and the opportunities to make side money with it like never before. Exercise that power and conquer your financial life!


Diversify your skills  

If you live in the United States, you’re well aware (and maybe in sick of hearing) that our economy and politics are shaky. With the turbulence in our country, the safest defense to your own job and financial security is to be really employable.  Side hustling allows you to develop and exercise other professional skills you might not get to use at work.

For instance, one of my side hustles is my blog, Urban20Something.com, and in learning to create a website and market digitally, I was able to get my current job by leveraging my knowledge of web design. Other examples of this could be if graphic design was your side hustle and you learned how to use creative software that a company would be looking for. Or, you could tutor a language that you know but otherwise might not practice so much, maintaining your fluency.


As I mentioned above, my side hustles gave me the finance security and confidence to quit my job and go to Asia. That’s a long story for another day, but the short version is that I felt like I was a dead end with my job and didn’t want to just wait until I got another. I had the luxury of quitting to travel because I had saved up a bit of extra money from my side hustle and I knew I could continue making money online because of the experience I had built up freelancing. It gave me an entire new freedom.

Have an outlet 

You might be surprised at how therapeutic your side hustle becomes! It’s an excellent and satisfying way to forget your stresses at your 9-5 and keep perspective when you feel enclosed in your own day-to-day life. As one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Chris Guillebeau says about side hustles:

It’s not a part-time job as much as it’s something you create, and it’s disproportionately satisfying.”

It’s a simple as having something that you love and can make money off of. Even if you do have a job that you love (and I hope you do!), chances are you have some other passion projects yearning for attention inside of you that you may have been dismissing because they didn’t make you money or you didn’t have time.

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The key to a profitable side hustle

The beauty of side hustles is that you can really make one of out whatever you love to do. Some might seem more profitable than others, but with a little creativity, you can monetize nearly any hobby. So, don’t feel cornered into one hustle!

However, one key trait of a side hustle I do highly recommend considering when beginning your own is trying to find a side hustle that’s at least somewhat passive. If you can create a side hustle that is passive, you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run. That saved time can then be used to make more money. It’s a win-win.

How to make your side hustle passive 

Passive can mean a couple of things. Traditionally, passive income is a way to make money without directly exchanging your time for your money. The idea is that you usually do a lot of upfront work, but then you can make income on your product or service again and again without having to do that same work again. A classic example of this is real estate, where you buy a piece of real estate and then rent it out, earning that income passively. Another is writing a book. It takes a lot of upfront work, but then that book continues to sell on and on.

You can pursue one of these passive income options for your side hustle, but there are so many other ways to make your side hustle passive doing whatever you’re passionate about.

The idea is to set up systems that market your side hustle passively for you so that you don’t have to continually search for side hustle jobs.

This includes:

  • An online digital resume
  • A sales or landing page that details your services
  • Testimonials and reviews for you on hand so people can see how amazing you are


These upfront tasks will help you get noticed and get you clients without you having to seek them out yourself. If you want to set up a passive side hustle for yourself, I cover all of this step-by-step in my free 7 day e-mail course. You can sign up below!

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This course is designed for any sort of side hustle you chose to pursue, it’s not just for blogging or freelancing. What it’s designed to do is help you set up systems to market and promote your hustle, so that you can spend more time actually hustling.

What’s your side hustle? Pop over to Urban20Something.com and please share! We have an entire library for side hustle resources. I can’t wait to see you hustle.


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